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Maintain healthy vision Eye Bar chocolate supplement from Altacor

Age related macular degeneration known asAMD is a condition that affects the eye as you get older. Its a debilitating incurable condition thatcauses loss of central vision and eventually blindness. Other Symptoms include: difficulty recognisingfaces, struggling with glare and bright lights, and colours appearing less bright to namejust a few. At the back of your eye is a highly pigmentedarea called the macular. This pigment acts like natural sunscreen protecting the eyefrom harmful light . Over time the pigment

breaks down leaving the eye exposed and itis this that can lead towards the onset of macular degeneration. Early prevention is very important. Other common factors linked to AMD include,hereditary or family history, Smoking, harmful light frequencies, unhealthy bodyweight andPoor diet exercise The pigment can be supported by taking particularVitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Vitamin C E, Copper most importantlyLutein and Zeaxanthin. These Vitamins and minerals are found naturallyin fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy

diet, but many people struggle to take sufficientamounts. Supplement are a proven way to reduce the risk of AMD. These are typically deliveredin the form of pills or tablets that some people struggle to swallow, or forget to takeregularly. Introducing EYE BAR. Almost everyone enjoys chocolate and the newunique EYE BAR from Altacor combines all the important supplements into single individuallywrapped chocolate bar, developed alongside leading chocolatiers for an enjoyable, chocolateflavoured break with your morning coffee, or during busy work schedules.

EYEBAR: A delicious way to look after your eyes.

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