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Various substances are normally present inthe human body and many of them required for life and characterized by lowtoxicity. I call them for orthomolecular substances. And I thought, here we have what the Food and Nutrition Boarddoes, estimating the amount, the intake needed to keep you fromdying. That's RDA. But you can also ask the question:quot;What is the intake that will put you

in the best of health and be mosteffective against diseaseéquot; And when I went through the medical,nutritional literature to find out what this intake was I foundthere was nothing in the literature about it. Practically nothing. Just a few papers had been written on this subject. Well, how do you find outé Little hard, when people ask me, I say, quot;If you stillcatch colds you are not taking enough vitamin C.quot;

That's one way of finding out. It is interesting that for most vitamins, all animals require the substance exogenously. With little doubt what happenedwas 600 million years ago, primitive animal was running around eatingplants, his ancestors, these plants. His biochemistry was very much like theirs.Here he was able to synthesize thiamine and riboflavin and peroxygenand vitamin A. But he was eating the plants whichsynthesized and he was getting enough

in his foods so that he really didn't needthis apparatus and he lost it. And ever since then, all animals haverequired these various vitamins. This didn't happen with vitamin C. And why noté Presumably because there isn'tenough vitamin C in the foods. And one reason that animals require morevitamin C than plants is that animals have collagen as their principal macromolecularmolecule, structural molecule, and plants use a carbohydratepolysaccaride cellulose.

So human beings can't synthesize collagenwithout using up vitamin C. They need more vitamin C than animals doso they've kept on synthesizing up. Unfortunately the common ancestor of allof the primates some 25 million years ago was living in the tropicalvalley where the food was so high in vitamin C that when the mutant came along that hadlost the ability to make the enzyme that would produce vitamin C, he had an advantage over the wild type,and the wild type died out, and since then all of the primates have had to go vitamin C exogenously.

Most of them have had sense enough to stayin the tropics eating the foods that are high in vitamin C, but man has moved out into temperate and subarctic areas and haschanged his eating habits is such a way that practically all human beingsare suffering from a sort of subal scurvy that is called quot;ordinary good healthquot;,but should be called quot;ordinary poor healthquot;. So we can ask, how much vitamin Cdo these animals manufactureé It's proportional to body weight.

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