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She NEVER Needed Cataract Surgery Now She Cant See NY Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains

She never should have had cataract surgery,but her ophthalmologist insisted that she needed the cataract surgery. She went aheadand had it. You want to find out what happened to her and why it was the worst mistake sheever made, come join me for a moment as I share with you some terrific information.Hi, I'm Gerry Oginski I'm a New York Medical Malpractice and personal injury attorney,practicing law in the state of New York. She began to develop blurry vision that lastedfor about five or six months. Finally she said you know what, let me go to the eye get checked. The eye examines her and says, hey you have a cataract, the cloudingof your vision, a clouding of the lens in

one particular eye. You need surgery to fixthat, you need cataract surgery. She says, okay, what does that involveé The proceedsto tell her that it involves removing the lens, and putting in what is known as an intraocularlens, that means it's a new lens, so now it's crystal clear. The patient says, do I reallyneed thisé The says, listen, if you don't have this, you're going to go blindwithin the next six months, to a year. The patient says, I don't want to do that, I don'twant my vision to get worse and worse, I want to have good vision. What does the patientdoé She agrees to have the surgery. During the course of surgery, the removesthe patient's lens, puts in the new intraocular

lens and after the surgery, what do you thinkhappensé She goes back for the followup, and the takes the patch off and he says, quot;what do you seeéquot; She says,quot; I don't see very wellat all, it's dark, it's grey, I don't see much at all.quot; The looks, examines,gives her some drops, tells her to come back in a few days. Again this process goes onday after day, week after week. After about a month of this continued visits, the finally realizes you know what, let me send you off to the following experts, let me sendyou to a retina expert, let me send you to another expert. They all tell her the samething. You've got a problem, you've got a

problem with your vision, there's a problemin front of the eye, there's a problem in back of the eye. I don't think you're evergoing to get your vision back. Now she's terrified, she's so upset. She goesback to the original , the eye who did the surgery, and she says, quot;What didyou doéquot; He says, quot;well, there's a complication.quot; She says, quot;yes, I know there's a complicationbut you told me everything would be fine, my vision will be great.quot; He says, quot;Yes, butsometimes these complications happen.quot; She's furious because now she has virtually no vision,no usable vision in that eye. It turns out that my client never ever should have hadthis cataract surgery. You want to know why

noté Because that slight blurry vision nevershould have been operated on. Instead she should have been given and prescribed anotherset of eyeglasses, in order to try and re adjust her vision. Yes there was some cloudinessthere, but it did not rise to the level that required surgical intervention. She wouldhave been fine for the next five years without a problem, but instead this decided,quot;hey, let's go ahead and do the surgery, you have to have the surgery.quot; As a result, shedid develop a significant complication that was a risk of the surgery, but it all fallsback to the original decision to go ahead and do the surgery.Every single one of the eye experts I spoke

to told me the same thing, this patient neverever should have had the surgery. Why do I share this great information with youé I shareit with you just to give you one example of a woman I was able to help who came to mebecause she believed that a did something improperly, to cause her a significant harm.I recognize you've got questions or concerns about your own particular problem. Well, ifyour matter did happen here in New York, and you're thinking about bringing a law suit,but you have legal questions, that you need to get answered, what I invite you to do is,pick up the phone and call me. I can answer your legal questions. This is something Ido every single day and I'd love to chat with

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