What Causes Breakouts Under Eyes

Multiple milia under the eyes

So you're gonna hear this little buzz Well, you're not really gonna hear a noise, but you're gonna feel one little pinch here. I'm gonna do one, okayé Just one. I'll do this one right here. You can feel me touch you right there. Okay. Readyé You okayé Mhmm.

I'll do it a couple times right there. Gonna do it again. A tiny one. You okayé She's tough. Good. These are milia she's got on her eye. I don't know why you have so many of them here. (Background: What. what causes theseé)

Y'know, they're. (Background:Fatty foodé) No, no. You okayé If you need a break, just raise your hand, okayé I think she just It's probably It might even be products you put on your face.

Something that Okay, okay. We're gonna pay attention to her and not talk to anybody else. We're just gonna put a little pressure with that little instrument you've seen me use before. We're gonna push that one out. The ones right under your eye are gonna be Are not easy, because there there's no bone to push against.

You know what I meané So we kind of let the cautery let them shell out. Help them to shell out. You alrighté Mhmm. Actually, some of the bigger ones are doing alright with me knicking them. (Background: She's gonna look prettiness when she's all done.)

She is pretty! I know. She is pretty, though. (Background: Thank you.) A I make everybody cry. Well, not everybody but. I don't like to make her cry. Here.

How To Use Makeup To Color Correct Blemishes UnderEye Circles

Hi everyone and I'm Tabasum Mir and I'm here today with Bikini . I want to talk to you about colorcorrecting makeup and how you can use these techniques to correct darkundereye circles and even like red pimples. Find something that's orange Idon't care what your actual skin color is if your pale, if your dark skinned, thisworks on everyone and it's really from something as easy as the color wheel. Most dark under eye circles are blue, purpley colored, the opposite end of thespectrum is orange. It's gonna look scary at first because it's unbelievablyorange and you think to yourself I'm gonna look like a safety cone, but Ipromise you if you listen it won't happen.

Literally just dab the concealer on theareas that are dark. Take a beauty blender and press that in. Take yourregular colored concealer and put that over it and dab that in with a beauty blender. What is the opposite of red on thecolor wheelé Green, most pimples are red colored. So take a green basedconcealer and you dab that on all the pimples before. Blend it in with a beautyblender and then use your regular colored concealer over it. The color correctingneutralizes the color of the skin, so that you can put a concealer on top ofit and it can look smooth, even toned and

believe it or not you're gonna need alot less of your own concealer when you try this method. Try it out let us knowwhat you think.

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