Under Eye Dark Spots Causes

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DermTV How to Eliminate Under Eye Dark Circles DermTV Epi 41

Hello, I'm Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. Dark under eye circles make you look tiredand make you look older and are very frustrating to treat. A lot of productsout there promise to lighten those circles but in reality and unfortunatelythe only thing they lighten is your wallet. The reason that these areso difficult to treat is because they are caused by any combination of sevendifferent problems.

There are two types of brown in the skin thatcause them at two different levels of the skin. There are three typesof enlarged blood vessels: they can be purple, blue, or pink. And there aretwo types of shadows that cause them: one shadow comes from the bulge of fatfrom the lower lid as we get older and the other comes from fine wrinklingof the lower lid skin which appears as parallel lines which when lighthits them from above causes shadows just like light hitting open flat,parallel Venice blinds. Because it is so difficult to find the rightproduct for you, instead of

being frustrated and using random products,if you have dark under eye circles, see your dermatologist so he canhelp you find out what the cause of your circles are and help you treat them.

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