Spot On Eye White Or Cloudy

Fish Tank Maintenance Clearing Up Cloudy Water in Fish Tanks

OK, we can get our tank set up and then frequentlywhat happens is, seem to be doing everything right and then all of a sudden you wake upand you have cloudy water. No reason to panic. This is a frequent thing that happens andit really has to do with natural causes. What frequently causes cloudy water is or chemicalimbalances is that naturally occur. Remember we talked about that imbalance of bacteria,the negative bad kind of bacteria overcoming the beneficial bacteria that takes a whileto build up in a naturally occurring system such that it'll cause cloudy water. The otherthing that can happen is you can inadvertently overfeed fish and the water will not be ableto take on and naturally purify it as it will

later on when the aquarium's established.It'll cause a bloom and cloudiness. The other thing that can happen is if you have too muchlight, too much photosynthesis, too much biology going on here and it causes algae to bloomand you can get an effect like this. Not to panic, there are solutions to every aquariumsituation that comes up. The importance of the frequent water changes will really help.The other thing, instant answers in the form of products that will clear your water. Thisis our favorite one here. This is called Acurel, we love this product. Follow the directionson the bottle, it's very simple. This will not disturb the biological beneficial bacteriathat's occurs in your tank. They made it with

that in mind. Simply, OK three drops per gallon.So we're going to add, this is a larger tank here. We're just simply going to drop thedrops in and count. One, two, three, four, five. OK, this will take a while to take effectand in a couple hours we're going to come back here and this presently cloudy tank isgoing to be pretty much crystal clear. And then, it's your job to from then on continueto practice good aquarium maintenance procedures as far as not overfeeding, making sure thelights not on, doing your frequent water changes. And on we go to enjoy our clean, healthy,sparkling clear aquarium.

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