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Shen Champion Spotlight

Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight, featuring Shen, the Eye of Twilight. Shen: quot;Our wills align.quot; The leader of a secret clan of mystic warriors, Shen is neither tempted by evil nor emboldened by good, and acts only to ensure perfect balance is maintained throughout Runeterra. In game, Shen is a beefy, energybased tank who can

take up roles in solo lanes, (the river), and the jungle. Once he's picked his positional poison, he serves as a constant protector to his allies thanks to his global ultimate and slew of disruptive abilities. Shen: quot;With balanced steps.quot; Before we get into those abilities, let's talk about his spirit blade! It's basically a big sword that joins him

as he makes his way through the Rift. While it doesn't do anything on its own, Shen gets to manipulate it with his abilities, which we'll go into now. Shen's passive, Ki Barrier, gives the big guy a small shield for a few seconds whenever he uses an ability. Ki Barrier's cooldown is reduced whenever

one of his abilities affects another champion. Basically, taunt a baddie, you get lower cooldown; shield a pal, lower cooldown. You get the idea. Next up is Shen's Q, Twilight Assault. Shen calls his spirit blade to him, buffing his next three basic attacks to deal bonus damage on hit. If Shen pulls his blade through an enemy champion, he gets to deal even more damage and gains bonus

attack speed for his three attacks. Additionally, enemy champions struck by the spirit blade are slowed while running away from Shen. Use your Shen Schmarts to repeatedly manipulate your enemy into areas between you and your spirit blade. Successfully pull your blade through your opposite number for a good trade do that a couple of times in a row and you'll wreck your opponent's early game.

Shen's W is Spirit's Refuge, which turns his spirit blade into an area of effect dodge zone for a few seconds, nullifying all basic attacks against Shen and his allies. Note the ability originates from Shen's spirit blade, not from Shen himself. If no one's around to benefit from the dodge zone, his spirit blade will wait a few seconds before activating.

Product Spotlight Beadaholique Jump Ring Head Pin and Eye Pin Finding Kit

Go to beadaholique to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Julie with Beadaholique and today I wanna show you our new exclusive findings kit that we've produce and it's an assortment of jump rings, head pins, and eye pins that comes in a silver plate and a 22karat goldplated and then if you flip it over you'll seeexactly what you have included in here in this particular kit you're going toget 10 of each. Eye pins, 10 that are one inch inlength

and ten that are two inch and then headpins, 10 that are one inch and ten that are two inch. So a total of forty head pins and eye pins and then you're gonna get an assortment ofjump rings 4, 6 and 8 are some really common sizes. These are all open jump rings. You'll get 20 of each totaling 60 jump rings so what's really nice about this is ifyou're doing a project you're gonna be able to buy just onefinding kit and then that is gonna give you all the things you need to complete that project instead of buying

individual lots of each. I wanna open up onereally quick. I'll open up the gold one show you what these actually look like you get a good amount in here and you can see because you havedifferent sizes of jump rings, you've got different sizes of eye pins and head pins, it's going toapply to a lot of different projects and you're not going to have a lot of waste or leftover. So if you're new to jewelrymaking this an ideal kit to pick up

because you get a lot in it but a little bit of each so it'll go a long way so if you've never opened a jump ringbefore the way you open a jump ring is the split is at the top, grasp the jump ring onone side grasp it with another pair of chain nosepliers on the other side and twist and then you can link that tosomething else and twist back in shape

you're going to get eye pins which have thislittle eye and to open that you open it the sameway you would with a jump ring. Just twist it out. You can link it onto something and close it and then you are also going to get head pins which will allow you to createlittle dangle. So if you have a little bead such as this little purple one I have, youcould put it on the base there slide it down. I have a pair of wire loopingpliers here going to create a simple wire loop. If you're used to jewelry making you'll know how

to do all of this. It's just nice you get all ofthese different products in one collection. Just link that onto something so you see you're able to build different jewelry components quiteeasily. I don't know what this is going to be but you can create dangles, you can createconnectors, you've got the jump rings to link everything together and then to finish a project all you'll need issay an earring

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