Spot In Eye Blurring Vision

What causes sudden blurred vision

What causes sudden blurred visionéThere are many reasons why you might suddenly experience blurred vision, and they rangefrom serious causes such as stroke, to less threatening reasons such as dry eye, a migraineor a change in your prescription. If your blurred vision is associated with other symptomsincluding numbness in the face or body, dizziness, or difficulty speaking, visit your medical or emergency room right away. Even if your vision clears up again, it is importantto have a full eye health exam by your of optometry. You may require eye drops, orcorrective lenses. If you have been previously diagnosed with an eye condition, sudden blurredvision could indicate progression that may

require treatment. You do not require a referralto see a of optometry, so don't delay in scheduling your appointment.

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