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Daily Apple 2 The Light of Consciousness is Dark Energy Microtubular Scrolls of Memory

Daily Apple 2 O.K. We're on the air. Rae: Well, the reason that I wanted to startthis podcast interview is because every time you start talking in the kitchen, it's soexciting that I think everybody should hear about this. Everybody should hear what youhave to say. So, yesterday you were talking about, shoot, I mean it's all so over myhead, you were talking about the BoseEinstein Condensates and light. Can you just jump inwith that, or should I form a questioné Well, that's what I talked about in yesterday'spodcast: the recent article that there is

now a theoretical model to back up the observationaldata that shows that light does form BoseEinstein Condensates. To me, the really critical pieceof this is that in our al Theory of Everything, that entirely fits my best guessof what appears to be happening with consciousness is essentially a BoseEinstein Condensateof light. When we see, we see light. Now, that light that we see, the light of consciousness,is not visible to technical observation, to technical instrumentation. It's dark tothe scientist in the laboratory trying to look at it inside someone elses head becauseconsciousness is a funcitonality within that coherence zone of the biological entity housingharbouringthe spiritual consciousness, the spiritual

body that has this consciousness function.It appears dark. The light of consciousness appears dark to science at our current levelof science. But if we expand science to include not only technical electronic externalizedinstrumentation, but the instrumentation inherent in the biology itself, our own consciousness,then we see consciousness every time we open our eyes. And when we close our eyes, we seeit if we are visualizing, if we are imaging. Rae: How about if we have a signal, whereI have a questioné Or do you want to just keep going on with your thoughté Just bug me. Just ask a question. Jump in.

Rae: So, the first question that comes tomy mind is… Look at the camera at the top of the screen.Now you are looking in my eyes as the Avatar viewer. Now I see into your soul. Rae: A lot of questions are coming up already.When you say a BoseEinstein Condensate, I have these kind of floating images of tubularstructures that somehow contain memory. I don't know how to connect these with… The tubular structures are the scrolls. Theyare the memory. We see that at different fractal levels. We see it in the microtubules in theOrch OR model of memory and consciousness

which is a very nicely developed model ofconsciousness. Rae: (laughs) Way over my head already. That's a footnote. That's a little thingin blue ink so that people can click on it and go to a website and look it up and readabout it, but it's a well developed model of memory that I include in my model of consciousnessin the al Theory of Everything. The microtubules are cylindrical in shape. Theyare hollow on the inside. This Orch OR model is a quantum model of memory, of consciousness. Rae: Is there some way that you can relatethese microtubules of consciousness, these

cylinders filled with light and consciousnessthat looks dark somehow to our scientific methodsé I am assuming you are talking aboutsome way to measure with a microscope or somethingé Is that what you mean by scientificé Yeah. If you had the perfect microscope…This is now a thought experiment, like Einstein's approach, a thought experiment… You havethe perfect microscope and we can make ourselves really small with this perfect microscope,and we go inside the microtubule, we can see where each electron is spinning… where itis residing. If the electron is here at point zero versus here at point one, we have thisdigital switching mechanism where the electron

Ayana Alqvimia Crystal Comb Aromatheraphy Facial Treatment

We will choose the rightaroma oil according to thecustomer's skin condition. Today we will use this crystalcomb, which is used tomassage. These colors are the fiveelements, including metal,wood, water, fire and earth. The crystals are smallerand softer than our hands so it can reach to adeeper level. Besides, it can reachdeeper acupoint. Because crystal comb is usedto massage your whole body

which makes customers tofeel quite comfortable. Why is that soé Because italso has another name, it's also called quot;nomarkscraping combquot;. We might experienced scrapingor acupoint cupping before. Your face though should have notexperienced scaping or cuppingbefore, because scraping will leave some marks orbruises and make skin red, so it doesn't apply toface and neck. However, thiscrystal comb can

scrap without leaving anymark. In Chinese medicationangle, it will help body get rid ofthe inside damp and toxin. If toxin can be expelledquickly, your facial contour will be more clear. Now let's start the facialmassage. We start from the jaw After finishing the meridianmassage using this crystal comb,

after we massaged thisside of face, we can see it liftedvisibly. This side of the face isplumped and lifted. At the same time thecustomer feels it lifted. In this position, the customerwill have a stronger feeling. This position is ournasal, if we smooth thismeridian, all ths skin in thisposition will be improved

especially if you have darkcircles or undereye bags and the pores will beminimized. After massaging withcrystal comb, we will use hot stones todo massage again. On the same positions where wehave done the crystal combmassage, we use hot stones tomassage again, The hot stones are a bithot and warm, so they warm the maridian

and help the essence andaroma oil permeate better. In addition, the heat ofthe hot stones can make the blood circulate faster andbetter.

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