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How to Conceal Dark Circles Under Eyes Makeup Tutorial Rebecca Shores MUA

Hey guys, welcome to my channel I'm RebeccaShores and today's tutorial is going to be showing you how to cover andcorrected dark circles so let's get started. You want to make sure that youreye area is well prepped so make sure that you use an eye cream or some othertype of lotion to make sure the area is well hydrated and you wanna do thisabout 5 to 10 minutes before you actually start applying any makeup over the top next you want to choose a corrector. You wantto choose something that is the opposite color on the color wheel toneutralize the color and make sure

you're choosing something that is thecorrect saturation for your skin tone I can do a tutorial more in depth aboutthis if you're interested, let me know in the comments. So let's get started, I'm goingto be using the Pixi correction concentrate in brightening peach and I am going to be applying this right to where the darkness actually is this isn'tsomething I'm going to really be pulling anywhere other than where I have thedarkest circles and then I will blend it out where I still need the coverage anda little goes a long way so don't be heavyhanded here. I'm gonna grab myfinger or brush whatever I feel like

that day and I'm going to blend that inso I am going to blend out harsh edges and then also gonna bring it into the innercorner area where I have some darkness so you can see that does a prett. So now I'm going in with the NARS Radiant creamyconcealer in Chanilly which is my alltime favorite under eye concealer and I'mjust applying that where we use the corrector and then just a little bitfurther out and as you can see I will blend this lot further with my fingers. I don't do the triangle highlighting because I find that that doesn't do asgood of a job in actually camouflaging

any darkness under my eyes and again Imake sure I go into that inner corner area so I dont leave any darkness there so I'm goingto go in with a setting spray and I'm applying this if I need extra concealerthis will act as a way to make it a little more tacky so you canactually layer on more concealer you definitely want to work in thin layersone big layer is just going to look like a cake you mess under eyes so make sureyou are using thin layers and you can use a setting spray inbetween them if you need that extra coverage I'm then going to be setting myunder eye I do recommend setting the

condenser so that you don't get anycreasing throughout the day. I like to use the Laura Mercier secret brighteningpowder and just really press that in so that we're not going to get anycreasing and then I do brush away any excess powder was again we don't wantthis to look cakey we want this look like skin. That's going to complete ourtutorial for today don't forget to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this tutorial andso that you don't miss the next tutorial one! My social media is linked in the downbox below and I will see you on the next tutorial, see you later!

Marble how to remove stains from wine coffee juice

This is a test to show you the best method to clean organic stains on the marble we take three kinds of marble: one Carrara white, one a dark limestone and a third type a highly absorbent sandstone go to stain the surfaces with three different staining substances

coffe, wine and cranberry juice then wait one or two days until the complete absorption of substances then we begin to clean after two days notice very obvious stains

on the surface of the three stones Now, we try to remove them we clean with normal water and Marseille soap

after having washed and rubbed on the surface of the stones stains still remainvery obvious then, do a test of cleaning testing two different products hydrogen peroxide 35% and . as comparison, a stain remover for stones

begin the test we cover a series of spots with hydrogen peroxide 35% and allow him to act up complete evaporation

to use hydrogen peroxide 35% we need use protective gloves because this is an irritant in contact with skin also put glasses protect your eyes the action of this hydrogen peroxide

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