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Home Remedy for Pigmentation Hyperpigmentation Brown Spots Discoloration and Uneven Skin Tone

HI YouTube! I am here to tell you the face mask for pigmentation, discoloration or an uneven skin tone. first of all I'm gonna tell you about hyper pigmentation. It caused by excessive production of melanin there's couple of reason for hyper pigmentation. First of all is excessive exposure to sun and

then unbalanced hormones and some types of skin injuries first of all you gonna need for this mask is sandal wood powder I have got this from an Indian store so and second is vitamin E like couple of table spoons of orange juice. I have small ones so I am gonna use that one lemon lime juice

so I'm gonna take Sandal wood powder about 2 table spoons. then I'm gonna need one tablespoon of orange juice. and one teaspoon of lemon or lime juice and to that i'm going to add

two capsules of vitamin E. I'm gonna cut these squeeze in there. and mix it. This is the consistency of this mask. apply this mask for thirty to fortyfive minutes on your face every day and you gonna see the difference within two weeks. Thank you for watching I hope youenjoyed it.

don't forget to comment. thank you somuch. Bye Bye.

Joshies new puppies CC

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