Red Spot In Eye After Drinking

What causes broken blood vessels in the eye

There are small, delicate blood vessels beneaththe tissue covering the white of the eye – when these break it is called a subconjunctivalhemorrhage. Although the condition can be very dramatic in appearance, it is generallybenign, and causes no vision problems or significant eye discomfort. Some causes include traumato the eye, a sudden increase in blood pressure due to heavy lifting, coughing, sneezing,laughing or constipation; the use of blood thinners such as aspirin or warfarin, or rarelya blood clotting disorder. The treatment is to not rub the eye, and much like a bruise,it takes approximately 1014 days for the condition to resolve. Lubricating eye dropscan help soothe the eye, and cold compresses

can help with the discomfort. If the conditionhappens once, then it is usually considered normal and benign. However, if it happensmore than once, then there may be a more serious condition that needs to be addressed. Be sureto check with your of Optometry if you notice sudden and persistent redness,especially if it occurs with changes in vision, pain or light sensitivity.

The Red Dot optical illusion sight test with a hidden image leaves the internet baffled

Is your eyesight good enough to see the picturehidden inside this red circleé The brain teaser is said to test the internet'svision with people able to see everything from a detailed image to just an outline,while others have struggled to spot anything at all.The sight test is currently trending online with many users baffled by what the mysteriouspicture actually is. While some claim they can see the whole imagein perfect detail, others are left scratching their heads in confusion. When the dot is flipped you can clearly seea detailed sketch of a horse complete with

a mane and tail, saddle and bridle and grassaround its feet. Some people can only see the outline of theimage before the red spot is flipped, while others say they can see much more. Try thetest to see how you get on. Calm your mind and stare at this red circle.See anythingé Did you see the hidden image plainlyé Most people see nothing, others find the hiddenimage to be a plain outline. Did you see all of the hidden details, too é The horse iswearing a saddle as well as standing in the grass. Did you see all of this before it wasoutlinedé

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