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Eye Floaters No More Review How To Get Rid Of Floaters Naturally

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Day 11 Liver Cleansing Exercise 30 Days of Qigong to Better Health

Good morning.Welcome to 30 Days of Qigong to Better Health. My name is Chris Shelton. Today, we're working with the liver cleansing exercise, day number 11. In Chinese medicine, the liver is paired with the, with the gallbladder, and aids in digestion,and it also helps with things like the, regulating the blood flow throughout thebody, blood and Qi flow. But in my world of seeing clients in practice,I would say that in our society or at least here in the Bay Area, one of the biggestdysfunctions that I actually see is liver imbalances. Because liver is harmed bythe negative emotions of anger,

frustration, rage and resentment. Now the organ's a big, the liver is a big organ that loves to process toxins, but at a certain pointthen what happens is, is that it can no longer withstand the amount that it'shaving to process through, so if you're, if it's having to process toxins from the food that we eat, as well as our environment, what we're breathing in, and then also the toxicity ofthe emotions of anger, frustration, rage, resentment, old anger, repressed anger, control if you're somebody that has too much control or if you're too controlling, that's a sign of a liver imbalance. So, there are so many different conditions or symptomsthat we actually see stemming from the

liver, and the liver controls the tendons,ligaments and sinews, also opens up in to the eyes. And when we have imbalancesof the liver, then a person may tend to grind their teeth, have TMJ, wake up inthe morning with their fists clenched. They may have other symptoms likemigraines, headaches, problems with their menstrual cycle. They could have problemswith their fingernails, dryness, cracked fingernails. I mean there are so many different thingsthat could happen: floaters, flowery vision So, problems with the eyesightactually can stem from the, from the liver If you are one of those people that, during the day, that your energy tends to drop, or tends to fluctuate

actually, then we can look at the liveras being responsible for that, because the liver does govern blood, but whathappens is, is that it also contains the qi, so if the blood isn't circulating right,if there's a stasis of blood in the liver, or a deficiency of blood in the liver, then the person's energy is going to be off, and what's interesting is that when a personholds on to anger then what happens is that it actually can explode, and this is wherepeople, you hear some people say, quot;I was so angry, I saw redquot; or what will happen isit will actually, they may explode, but then they implode and this is where where we endup with cases of depression.

So, in Chinese medicine, we don't treat the mind, and I know that in western medicine, western science this frontal cortex here is responsiblefor, is responsible for our consciousness, etcetera, but in Chinese medicine,when we see somebody with depression, we, we go to regulate the liver, which thenaffects the heart, which then affects the mind So, I can't say enoughabout this organ; it has such a big responsibility, it has over like 500functions, but I would say in our culture this thing of anger, holding on to anger, our ego lovesto hold on to anger, because we believe it will serve us at a future date, it will keep us prepared just in case something happens again

that's similar to past trauma, and as a resultof this, holding on to this past anger, or getting angry or irritated easily,agitated easily, then what happens is it creates this dysfunction inside the body.Now what's interesting is, if I have a client come in that does not feel anger atall, does not even know what anger is, then I start to see symptoms ofautoimmune or inflammatory conditions, that arise, because if you hold onto this stuff or you pretend like it doesn't affect you, it has to show up somewhere inside thebody and so one of the ways that it shows up actually is inflammation. If you are somebody with high cholesterol and you're eating healthy, you're

Improve Your Eyesight Detox Your Liver To Improve Your Vision

Improve Your Eyesight Detox Your Liverto Improve Your Vision If you want to improve your eyesight and ignoreyour liver in today's world, you'll be hardpressed. With commercial agriculture and all the processedfood around, you must address it. The question is: How does cleansing your liverimprove your eyesighté So, let's back up.Improve Your Vision Holistically In Chinese medicine meridians connect allour organ systems. Meridians are energy pathways that distribute energy throughout your body.The liver's energy pathway ends in the eyes. The lifeforce energy destined for the eyeshas to go through the liver. If the liver

is overloaded, then it is working too hard.So it uses more energy than it should and less of that juice of life gets to your eyes.The concept exists in all types of holistic healing and Eastern medicine. These philosophiesview the body holistically, meaning treating parts of the body in synergy, rather thanisolation. The Liver ConnectionYour eyes are not isolated from the rest of your body, they are part of it. As statedabove, if the liver is toxic then all the lifeforce your eyes should receive will beused up there and never reach your eyes. Sadly, in today's world every liver is toxic.The liver is the organ that filters out all

the environmental toxins we have coming intoour bodies from water, food, and air. I won't get into the details of all the environmentaltoxins here, that's a book in itself. Just know there are more than 10,000 syntheticchemicals used in food processing today. All of these end up in your liver.Proper Cleansing So, if you truly want to improve your eyesight,you have to free up your liver. Then the energy can flow through to your eyes. Without properlifeforce energy your eyesight will get worse over time.You have to find a healthy way to cleanse your liver. It needs to be one that doesn'tstrain your liver too much, which most overthecounter

solutions unfortunately do. Preferably, thecleanse should alkalize your body as well (instead of acidifying) and relieving yourkidneys of their load, too. If they are too toxic, your liver takes onyour kidney's load as well, and there you see how this all connects.Improve Imbalances to Improve Your Eyesight As you can see our bodies are delicate, finelytuned machines. If you want to improve your eyesight naturally, you have to respect thisdelicate system. You need an approach that also cleanses your liver and kidneys gentlyand effectively. So to get a better grasp on how you can improveyour eyesight naturally, download your Free

Vision Improvement Toolkit.It's free and indepth, just login here. You have nothing to lose except of a bucketload of toxins and your glasses. That's not so bad, considering you get more energy, vitality,and lifeforce energy in return. Now, to really understand how to improve eyesightnaturally, I'd like to invite you to check out my free tutorial course that explains manyconcepts in depth. here to download your Free Vision ImprovementToolkit now, and let me know what you think. leave a comment below!.

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