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Can you spot this Blackhead Extracted on the Upper Lip

It's like a little disc under there It is like a little disc Like a little coin or something I thinkPatient: Mmm hmm. Make the quot;Kissy facequot; there againé That's how we're going to hide it right in that line. And now I'm going to show you. Okay, let me just put a little Make sure I'm not hurting you, okayéPATIENT: Mmm hmm. .like I said before, OKé So we're just directing this.

I think she has a little cyst under here, but it's almost like a disc It's so tight in this area that it's, um, flattened it. But she's never been able to squeeze anything out of it, so. We'll find that for sure, make sure I'm not hurting you. You have a nice nose, a nice delicate nose. lt;gigglesgt; lt;to assistantgt; I might lean against it a little bit here and there Let me see if I can give it a little squeeze and see if it'll come out that way.

SFX: SQUIRT Oh that's it, a little (fades out) It was like a little river rock! It was like a little baby river rock! PATIENT: Let me see.DR. LEE: I'll show it to you. lt;talking with assistantgt; I don't think I need to press down. I think I need to put a gauze there. Just hold a little pressure there. I think it was maybe a calcified cyst. We'll send it for pathology and we'll find out.

In fact, I'll cut it open right after this, so we can take a look at it. See what it is. So, since it's a very delicate, small area, Little baby sutures here. Did I clutter your home, Rachel, with all that stuffé RACHEL: Oh no. I gave her a ton of stuff this weekend. RACHEL: Even my husband, he was looking through the boxes and he was like

RACHEL: quot;She gave you some really good stuff!quot; I know I thought you would like it. There's some good decorations there. Can you believe I've just been holding onto them foreveré Definitely. Crazy. That's a little suture you have here, that you can feel dragging along. RACHEL: So were you big into scrapbookingéDR. LEE: Yes. I can do it. It was lower than I thought it was. Oh you brought more scrapbooking stuff é!

I have tons of stuff ! The stuff you guys saw that was for the Secret Santa or the White Elephant All the way down, don't forget to turn it. yeah. That wasn't even like half of it MMMMM That wasn't even like a tenth of it . It's not even a tenth of it And what I gave her. What I gave you is not even like probably half of it {giggles} I have a lot of stuff But I haven't even used that Pazzels thing. Don't you even tell my husband that. He better not even watch this tutorial and hear that But . uh.

Pops is Back New Blackhead Extractions

so guess who's here whats your name there on my channelé do you know your name on my channelé do you know what they call youé

I'm pops Pops that's good! it's still. everybody's calling me pops we go to the restaurant's now and when uh. well I don't think from that we went to Brandon's by his place and the guy's like.

hey Pop's what do wanté (laughter) well they. they. see Popé I'm old time DR. LEE: that's right! cuz you are our Pop's and you're doing pretty well these days! I know some of these have started tocome back at once underneath I'm gonna connect them a little bit ok so you getout about that pretty good so far

it's a good thing that they're notresponding that well that means we did a good job on them shouldn't be just likethe first time there is a deeper like the good old days Josh got to know each other huh andthrough a lot since I'd we've gotten to know you and your blackheads oh yes but you're doing ok your aches and pains would you like tostart with you David Bell is long yes before you go to college you going

i know i was still I was still trying toget into dermatology and things like that I was way before I was coming here andfiling on your turn away that was a good one no we go i think we got all of thattime the colors depressed it is right there that's yournose it's made your nose thicker all this is Major know so much thicker huh this morning what you did this morning yeah wellyou're gonna have like little swollen

eyes today and bruise there so just wantyou to take it easy i want to push you too hard because I don't want toincrease tension increase your blood pressure to thisarea i'm going to torture you because you just did around your eyes blood togo to your head but that's even get some good ones here I was really surprised that they'regoing really well great look at all these cats likepaparazzi on yahoo pressure there sorry ok thank you thank you all forbeauty huh

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