Laser Treatment Of Eye Floaters In Canada

Does laser surgery adversely affect night vision

In the early years of noncustom small treatmentzone laser surgery some patients with higher corrections and large pupils did experiencestar burst halos and diminished night vision with virtually no daytime problems.The newer custom laser large treatment zone wave front assisted laser surgeries do nottend to make night vision any worse than what a patient would have experienced before theirlaser surgery. In fact many note better night vision.Like all technologies laser surgery has evolved greatly and our understanding of the relationshipbetween pupil size and corneal refractive function are much better than in the ninetiesespecially the early nineties when laser surgery

was developed.

LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Erie Contemporary Ophthalmology of Erie

Hello and welcome to this Docshop practiceprofile. Right now we're featuring the experienced team at Contemporary Ophthalmology of Erie,in Erie Pennsylvania. When you log on to their website, lasikerie , you'll see thatthat Howard Levin, Ravinder Sabherwal, and the rest of the team, offer the finestpreventative and corrective eye care in the regionbacked by 30plus years of experiencein medical and surgical eye treatments and laser eye surgery. The Contemporary Ophthalmologyof Erie facility is state of the artand is a warm and welcoming place to visit forthose in need of the wide variety of services they provide. They offer Laser Correctivesurgery for those who would like to once and

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