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Luxaire Furnace Error Codes

Tell me about Luxaire furnace error codes. Luxaire has a red and green LED, and I thinkthere's an amber one, too. If none of them are lit, you know you need to check the powersupply. I know that if it is dead, you need to checkthe circuit breaker or fuses. If the LEDs are all on continuously, that'susually an internal control board problem. I can try to reboot it first by power cyclingthe furnace. Yeah, at least that is free. Then you mayactually get a useful error code from the thing too.

How can I tell what the error code is versussignaling for normal operationsé It will flash a quarter second on and quartersecond off to signal one flash, with a two second break between error codes. So four flashes in two seconds with a twosecond break equals the four flash error patterné Yes. But a slow green flash means it is runningnormally, while a slow amber flash means it is running while the thermostat is tellingit to heat things up. This is more of a rapid flash, like the errorcodes. A rapid red flash usually means a twinningerror with the voltage wiring.

It is not like I rewire the thing while changingout the air filter. No, but a loss of grounding or loose wiremight. If you have a rapid amber flash, though, it means the flame is too weak. What could cause thaté Too much humidity in the furnace to get astrong flame, a dirty flame sensor that does not recognize the flame is as strong as itshould be, a thermocouple in the cold … I'm not seeing an amber flash though. One red flash means the flame was sensed whenthere was not a call for heat.

That could mean a gas leak. And that I needto turn off the gas. Two flashes means the pressure switch is stuckclosed. Whether due to pressure problems or switch problems, I don't know. At least that could be fixed by clearing theflue, replacing an air filter or making sure the blowers turn on right. Those would be the fixes for three red flashes,when the pressure switch didn't close. Two red flashes usually means the switch is bador miswired. What are four flashesé

The limit switches are opened when normallyclosed, usually due to a dirty filter or lack of air flow via blowers and ducts. That's at least something I could try tofix myself. Five flashes means the rollout switch hasa fault, which you can try to reset, but if you get six red flashes, the pressure switchkeeps tripping and locked it out. And now we're back to rebooting the furnacehoping not to have to call the HVAC company.

Bonnies Migraines Are Gone And Her Hope Is Restored

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was the Charlotte Headache and Harrell and his team. They were calm; they wereprofessional; they were efficient; they were effective. As we started treated, um, things started to calm down. I can't begin to use words to express what it feels like to have hope that you might actually be ableto function like a real girl again.

With my personal and professional relationships it's impacted me in avery positive manner. I have a great deal more patience now. Ithink that Harrell and Karen and the team here are caretaking, knowledgeable, professional.

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