Floaters In The Eye Lupus

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My name is Sumiyati. I work in the same office as Mrs Nurheti. When I met Ms Nurheti, my legs were swollen. In 2004 I had started to feel unwell. If I had seen a then, I would have known that I was suffering from lupus. At that time I had blood in my stools. I thought I had hemorrhoid I thought it was something small.

At that time I was holding a marketing position. My first treatment was in Jakarta Islamic . The I was supposed to see resigned. I was supposed to see Dody, now a director of Darmais in Jakarta. It was very difficult to make an appointment to see him. I started looking for an alternative in the same . I managed to see Sitiadi. I was given medication.

I was given various kinds of medication including symax 2, which is for the heart. I was very disheartened. I was referred to Harapan for further investigation. My legs were swollen like someone suferring from beriberi. I was very sad as there seem to be no cure for my condition. Then the suggested an alternative treatment. At that time, my body temperature was 40 degree at night. The airconditioning was not enough for me.

I had spray water to cool myself down. My nerves felt hot. My head was aching, I felt pain on my back bone. I felt like fainting. All these symptoms have disappeared after I consume Super Lutein. After 2 months, and finishing 3 bottles,

When I was first introduced to Super Lutein, I doubted whether it could help me, as I was in great pain. and my condition was serious. Finally, I took 3 capsules in the evening and 3 capsules in the morning. After only one day, I no longer felt pain on my back. A week later the swelling on my leg had fully gone off. The most extraordinary thing about Super Lutein. I ride a motorbike to work. Now I can ride like a tomboy, going to different places.

It's amazing Super Lutein is a nutritional supplement, not medicine, but it has provided a solution for my condition, enabling me to have a healthy lifestyle. The said it is difficult to recover from Lupus. There is no cure. If a lupus sufferer takes the prescribed medication, the face will swell. I used to have a swollen face and swollen legs.

RETINAL DETACHMENT Testimonial Super Lutein Testimonial Call Whatsapp 65 9652 6095

I would like to share my aunt's experience. She had retinal detachment. The said she needed to undergo an eye operation. She visited several s and lastly consulted a specialist at the eye . The said that she would go blind in 1 or 2 weeks' time if left untreated. There was no other solution apart from an operation. It would cost 35 million Ruppiah (approx. SGD35, 000) There is no guarantee of success.

She may need more operations in future. We were introduced to S Lutena (Super Lutein). My aunt had faith in the product She bought the product to consume. I thought that she will experience improvement in 3 months, but she felt better in 3 days! The upper part of her vision used to be clear and the bottom dark. She took 4 capsules S Lutena in the morning and 4 at night.

After 3 days, the dark portion seemed clearer. She could see shadows. After consuming 4 to 5 bottles, she has regained her full vision. Imagine, she was due for an operation or face a blind future, now she has recovered. After just 4 to 5 bottles!.

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