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Adrenal Fatigue Causing Cold Hands and Feet

Feeling cold in your hands and feet is a commoncomplaint in people with adrenal fatigue. This is Lam, founder of DrLam . In thistutorial, we will talk about the reasons why people can feel cold. Now, one of the most common reasons that thetemperature of the body lowers, which leads to cold hand and feet, when everybody elseis warm, is the low thyroid function. Now remember thyroid is the organ that controlsthe basic metabolism of the body. So if thyroid function goes down, or slows, then the bodywill feel colder than normal. And this is very common and is a classic sign of hypothyroidismalong with dry skin and fatigue.

Now, you can also get cold hands and feetfrom other problems as well, including some autoimmune conditions as well as some othertype of situations. Now if you do feel like you have cold hands and feet when everybodyelse is normal, and it's beyond what you feel is normal occurence, then you should see your to get it checked out. Now if your thyroid is normal, or if you are already onthyroid medication but you still feel cold hands and feet, then you have ask why. 1 of the reasons is because your body's abilityto take in thyroid may be compromised. Number 2, the thyroid dosage may not be sufficient.Number 3, you have things that are blocking

the entry of thyroid replacement into yourcells, causing the body to not get the metabolic step up that it's supposed to be. Now there is also another situation whichcan cause cold hand and feet. It's that when your thyroid is perfectly normal, but youhave symptoms of hypothyroidism. And the symptoms of hypothyroidism includes as we said earlier,cold hands and feet because the body is being driven to slow down under the control of adrenalglands. In other words, if you're in adrenal fatigue,the body tries to slow down and when the thyroid slows down, then you will have symptoms ofsubal hypothyroidism. In another words,

you may not be hypothyroid in laboratory tests,but symptoms wise you feel like you are hypothyroid and cold hands and feet is one of them. So if you do feel like you have cold handsand feet, your thyroid test is normal, and your says there is nothing wrong withyou, then you have to think whether adrenal fatigue is part of the reasons or not. Areyou under a lot of stressé Are you under a lot of strenuous pressure at work or at homeor relationship issues you cannot deal withé Do you have this problem for a long timeéDo you have hormonal imbalances in your menstrual cycle if you're a womané Do you have libidothat is low in both sexesé These are all signs

that you also look for along with a low bodytemperature as well as cold hands and feet. In fact one of the very interesting thingis that if you have low thyroid function because of adrenal driven events, then even if youput in thyroid medication meaning replacement, like T4, T3, or combination, you will continueto feel cold because the body continues to slow down despite your best efforts. So ifyou feel cold in your hands and feet for no apparent reason, if this continues despitethyroid replacement. If there are no other possible structural issues that can causethis problem, then do think of adrenal fatigue as a possible symptom etiology.

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