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What Are Eye Boogers

Hi BrainStuff, Cristen here. Today's questionis “What are eye boogerséâ€� If you've ever had to wipe gunk out of the corners ofyour eyes, it's not because you were visited by the Sandman or a magical mucus fairy. Nope!We live in a cruelly mundane universe. I'm sorry if I'm the first to break it to you. Eye boogers are a buildup of the “precornealâ€�or “basalâ€� tear film that coats and protects your eyes plus any foreign particles itcatches. This tear film is just 3 micrometers thick,which is less than half the diameter of a red blood cell, but it's made up of 3 components:the mucin, the aqueous, and the lipid.

The aqueous component is the operative one:It nourishes, lubricates, and flushes your eyes' cells. It also smoothes over the microscopiclumps and bumps on the surface of your eyes, creating a smooth lens that optimizes lighttransfer into your retina. The other two components are a support systemfor the aqueous one: The mucin component underneath allows it to temporarily stick to your eyes.Mucins are the proteins that make mucus slimy. And the lipid component outside holds it inplace, so that you're not just crying constantly like you've got Moulin Rouge playing onloop. Without the lipid layer, our tear film would drip right off of our eyeballs.

But how do these components become eye boogers,and why do they accumulate in the inner corners of your eyesé I'll tell ya. When you blink, your entire eyelid doesn'tclose simultaneously. It shuts like a meaty clapperboard, from the outer corners of youreyes inward toward your nose. Your tear film gets pushed along by the motion. Upon reaching the inner corner of your eye,most of the film drains out through the tear ducts, which empty into your nasal cavity.But some of the film – the mucins, oils, and debris – can clump together and getstuck.

When enough of that builds up, it forms thegoop known as eye boogers. And when it accumulates and dries overnight because you're not blinkingit away, it forms the crusty gunk known as sleep or sand. Isn't this the sexiest science you've everheardé So that answers today's question, but I'vegot a question for you: What other gross stuff do you want to know abouté Let us know inthe comments. And to learn more about everything from tears to space telescopes, head overto HowStuffWorks .

Retinitis Pigmentosa Eye Exercise to Improve Eyesight

Hi I'm Will Fuller from Envision SelfHealing where we're dedicated to helping youimprove your eyesight and quality of life by taking healing eighty right past and today's I am going to be looking at a retinitis pigmentosaeye exercise to help improve your eyesight i have covered this exercise itself in myblog post quot;The eye exercise that's saving my sight

and for those of you who don't know it's simply three different sized piecesof paper that blocks the central region and you wave your hands to the side ofthe head and help stimulate the peripheral cellswhich other cells in your referred two reasons why that exercise isimportant one is because uh. everybody are who works as aprovision that if you have at one point todaysociety most of the sample work how

central vision because you know i would be to use the computersand reading books and what have you whereas before we used to spend moretime uh. in the periphery in developer for a lot more in order to spot so all of us are the working on centralvision imagine somebody with a condition likewrites about the statement except where the sellers in the periphery ofsorts it's become weaker and you start

using the ability access this information in the preferred so eventually year end up with somethingcalled tunnel vision where and we can see difficult for tom so the problem with that is that yourreinvent over pretty soon were your attention on your centralvision

and that imbalance between centralperiphery is increased so the first thing that the exercisesextremely grateful is that it's blocking the central visionso it's giving it that much needed rest that reach us doesn't get on adaytoday painted spaces so the second thing that is really goodfor is that it's then stimulating theirthroats outside i said before now the reason why that's you watson

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