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Veinlite LED Vein Finder Demo

Hi, my name is Yvette Cheeks, I'm a nurse educator. And I teach and provide patients with peripheral therapy and central line therapy We have patients who suffer anxiety from multiple sticks in the past. We have patients who are chronically ill or have had

other medical problems that make it difficult to access their veins Veinlite has increased our firststick success Our patient satisfaction scores have elevated and our nurses' confidence has increased With this elderly patient, we may not need to use a tourniquet as a tourniquet create too much pressureon fragile veins we're gonna take the Veinlite LED deviceand scan from left to right, perpendicular to the patient's arm.

Once we locate a vein we can follow it down notice the bifurcations.and thisis helping us map and illuminate and figure out which vein is going to be thebest choice. Once we find the vein that we want to utilize we're going to turn the device parallel and I'm going to put my thumb on the front and my four fingers around the back.about four fingers around with this is All of this is going to stretch the skin.provide traction.

close the vein and lift it. And now you no longer have to worry about those veins rolling on you.

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