Flashing Light In Eye In The Dark

How To Cure Eye Floaters

How To Cure Eye Floaters Easily, Naturally,and Forever. HowToCureEyeFloaters Eye floaters are those small spots that literallyfloat around in your field of vision and sometimes they are paired with flashes of light.How to cure eye floaters web site is dedicated to giving you the latest information and resourceson curing eye floaters easily, naturally and forever. Please click our link above to visitour site. Related Search Terms:what are floaters eye problemseye floaters

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Retinitis Pigmentosa Eye Exercise to Improve Eyesight

Hi I'm Will Fuller from Envision SelfHealing where we're dedicated to helping youimprove your eyesight and quality of life by taking healing eighty right past and today's I am going to be looking at a retinitis pigmentosaeye exercise to help improve your eyesight i have covered this exercise itself in myblog post quot;The eye exercise that's saving my sight

and for those of you who don't know it's simply three different sized piecesof paper that blocks the central region and you wave your hands to the side ofthe head and help stimulate the peripheral cellswhich other cells in your referred two reasons why that exercise isimportant one is because uh. everybody are who works as aprovision that if you have at one point todaysociety most of the sample work how

central vision because you know i would be to use the computersand reading books and what have you whereas before we used to spend moretime uh. in the periphery in developer for a lot more in order to spot so all of us are the working on centralvision imagine somebody with a condition likewrites about the statement except where the sellers in the periphery ofsorts it's become weaker and you start

using the ability access this information in the preferred so eventually year end up with somethingcalled tunnel vision where and we can see difficult for tom so the problem with that is that yourreinvent over pretty soon were your attention on your centralvision

and that imbalance between centralperiphery is increased so the first thing that the exercisesextremely grateful is that it's blocking the central visionso it's giving it that much needed rest that reach us doesn't get on adaytoday painted spaces so the second thing that is really goodfor is that it's then stimulating theirthroats outside i said before now the reason why that's you watson

is because hearing vision selfhealing we believe that they settles and stillbe stimulated and be activated hamstrings so you can develop slowdown the great tutorial it's happening or just like myself agree that thepeople uh. work with is that they've improved that proformvision

Why We See The White Light Near Death

There are probably few experiences you couldhave that would confuse your brain more than almost dying. Hey friends, Laci Green here for DNews. quot;Neardeath experiencesquot; have been described by people across the world who cameor thoughtthey were comingwithin an inch of their life. What's totally crazy is that no matterwho you are, where you come fromeveryone describes it very similarly. It starts witha warmth spreading throughout their body, absolute serenity and calm, some might evencall it nirvana. Then comes a bright light and a feeling of being detached from the body,as if you were floating.

The number of people who have a near deathexperiences is on the rise, thanks to technologies that can save people at the last moment. Naturally,there's a burning question: WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!éé This is a complicated and emotionally chargedquestion. For some, the near death experience is proof of the afterlife. For others, it'sa fascinating neurological question. Let's take a look at this phenomenon through a scientificlens. One of the most highly regarded studies onNDEs comes from the University of Kentucky. They found that some Near Death Experiencesmay actually be something called REM intrusion.

During REM intrusion, the mind awakes beforethe body, which can trigger hallucinations. It's sort of like dreaming while you'reawake, kind of. I covered this phenomenon in my tutorial about sleep paralysis, so if you'reinterested you should definitely check that out cause it's freaky stuff. Because REM intrusion happens in the brainstem,it's possible for this to occur even when higher functioning parts of the brain havegone dead. Building on this research, trauma to the braincan result in a sensory mixup. As your brain struggles to stay alive, all of that chaosresults in an information overload in the

visual cortex. This is known to produce visionsof a bright light or a dark tunnel. The brain also releases a flood of happy endorphinswhich put you in a profound state of peace and calm. And because your brain is responsiblefor orienting your body relative to everything around you, trauma and oxygen deprivationcan cause a sort of out of body experience. This has been observed in lots of people whoaren't having a near death experience as well. Lastly, a new study has been published bythe Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on NDEs. The study was done on rats and found thatafter cardiac arrest, there is a crazy spike

in neural activity. The lead author says thatquot;if anything, the brain is much more active during the dying process than even the wakingstatequot;. Essentially, the neurons go into overdrive as death sets in, causing the brain to gohaywire in a predictable way cue warmth, bright light, floating, etc. We perceive thisexperience with profound intensity as our brain takes a last hurrah before death. I can't decide if this is beautiful or terrifyingor depressing or what. Let me know your thoughts about near death experiences down below oron our facebook page and I'll see you next time here on DNews!

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