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Why do we get headaches Greg Foot Ask Head Squeeze

Hey Head Squeezers, hope you're well Really good question that's actually comein from a few different places this time. We've got Haydn SHYickin who posted this inour G+ community, thank you very much. And also michobebemckawii, who posted this ina you tube comment in our Head Squeeze discussion page Both posted a question which was: What areheadaches and how do we get themé A very very interesting one, and of coursethey are the bane of so, so peoples lives so great question, I'm looking forward tounpacking this one.

I should obviously say that head squeeze isnot your so if you do get very serious headaches or regular head aches then go seeyour local physician. But if you're interested in the science ofheadaches then you've come to the right place, so stick with us. Now, there are a whole range of differenttypes of headaches, not just the kind that my dad gets when he tries to write a textmessage on his archaic mobile phone. I'm going to introduce you to tension headaches that's the first kind of dull ache that lots of us get, quite regularly actually.

And also vascular headaches, those are theMigraines and the cluster headaches of this world. And in my research I found some people talkingabout cluster headaches, and they say that they feel like having a redhot poker shovedin their eye nasty! So why do we get themé First things first, the brain is not sensitiveto pain, so you never get a headache from your brain. So if after a really long hardday I say 'my brain really hurts' I'm kind of speaking a load of rubbish you're allowedto tell me that, that's totally cool. So what's

happeningé Well, the pain has got to be around your brainsomewhere. And there's loads of places where that could come from. As I explained in my film about tickleishnessand actually why we get tickled. The skin is sensitive to pain, as are your bones, andstructures in your ears, your nose, your mouth. And it's there that the pain comes from. Now what about the tension headache, thatkind of dull ache that we all tend to get quite often. Well, that comes from holdingyour muscles in a semicontracted state for

quite a long period of time. That muscle tension, that may come from theneck, or the face, or actually the meninges the tissues around your brain, that helpprotect your brain that muscles tension fires your pain receptors and sends a messageto your brain, the sensory cortex, and that's why you feel it as pain. That tension could come from emotional stress,it could come from poor eye sight, or, or the wrong prescription. And what we normallydo is just take some paracetamol that gets rid of it.

Now paracetamol is very interesting, it actsin the brain, it inhibits the pain and inflammation causing chemicals called prostaglandins Now, the more intense headaches, the migrainesof this world, they are called vascular headaches. Reason being, the main culprit for those arethe large blood vessels. More specifically, it's a changed blood flow to your cerebralcortex. Science doesn't really know how or why theyhappen. One theory might be that there is a spasmin one of the cerebral arteries that reduces the flow of blood and causes a localised lackof oxygen.

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