Eyes Leopard Spots

Figural Vintage Jewelry Jomaz Leopard Brooch Green Glass Eyes by My Classic Jewelry

A Jomaz brooch this is a Jomaz leopard brooch. Jomaz was one of the real high end vintage jewelry producers. This probably dates back tothe sixties, and you can see I'll get it even closer he has the red enamel mouth and green glass eyes and black spots and the spots are recessed and they're painted

with a matte black enamel not shiny black so it looks veryrealistic almost like he has fur. also the same type clasp on the back, and the Jomaz signature it's very faint but you can read it right abouthere on its leg. I have photos of this, and in the closeup photos you can clearly see the signature as I zoom it in. But this is a treasure these are very rare these figural

brooches from the sixties.

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