Eye Strain Flashes Of Light

Are headaches a sign of eye strain

Yes, headaches can be a sign of eye strain.Eye strain occurs when your eyes get tired from intense use for extended periods, suchas driving a car, reading, or working at the computer. Eye strain can also occur if thereis a refractive error that is not being corrected. For example, if someone is farsighted, heshewould have to work their eyes a lot harder for reading or near tasks compared to someonewho was not farsighted. Eye strain can also occur if there is a misalignment of the eyes,meaning the eyes are not working together or straining to work together. Under thesetypes of conditions, the muscles around the eyes can become fatigued and lead to headaches,especially in the frontal area. However, keep

in mind that headaches can also be from othercauses such as stress, injury or an underlying disease, or the occasional hangover. So makesure you seek professional medical advice if you are experiencing headaches. Glassesmay not always be the solution.

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