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How To Cure Eye Floaters

How To Cure Eye Floaters Easily, Naturally,and Forever. HowToCureEyeFloaters Eye floaters are those small spots that literallyfloat around in your field of vision and sometimes they are paired with flashes of light.How to cure eye floaters web site is dedicated to giving you the latest information and resourceson curing eye floaters easily, naturally and forever. Please click our link above to visitour site. Related Search Terms:what are floaters eye problemseye floaters

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Biology 1AL Lecture 8 Lab 8 Invertebrates I

gt;gt;INSTRUCTOR: Okay, good evening a few commentsabout biology 1A, although I know this is 1 AL I've been getting lots of e mails becauseyou're getting lectures and two back and discussion today or tomorrow if you go to discussion,so I'm getting lots of e mails saying, you know, I want to be, what do I have to doéSo I try to address that in the e mail in the lab class, so the bottom line is if youwant a B, in the 1A class, you need to look at the answer keys, for exam 1,and you'llsee that the B range for exam 1 is solid B is 87 to 84 points.And for exam 2, solid B is 87 to 84. So, if you want that, you should have beenat approximately, let's say 85 to give you

a little wiggle room on exam 1, and 85 onexam 2. And the only thing that will change is whatthis range is depending on by what grade you want, if it's an A, A , etc., and then youneed to see how you did on exam 1, so if your score on exam 1 is a 60, you need to makeup 25 points. If you score on exam 2 was a 67 you need tomake up 18 points. So, then on the final, you need to do B workand I have no idea what that will correspond to in terms of percentages we do guarantee80 to 89% is some form of a B that's a guarantee we will keep that, but we may curve it down,I don't know, bottom line is you need to get

a B on the final, plus make up those 43 points.The finals worth 300 points, so it's worth a lot more than any given lecture exam.Also, keep in mind at the end of the semester, we will take into account your ier points,and your mastery biology. And for master in biology I started to figureout the scores for that, basically what happens is, you know for part 1, I don't rememberthe number, but let's say it was 243, there are 243 possible points, now you'll get Indiscerniblewhat we said was the maximum would be 24 points, that's the max.But we had weighted this to 26 points, so what I would do is take your score in part1, and I multiply it 46 by 43, if it's over

24 you get 24.If this 24 is the maximum this allows you potentially miss a homework assignment andstill get the maximum possible score, if it's under 24, and then you get those number ofpoints, I've done the same thing for part 2. The slight problem I run into, I startedto do this, try to match up the ID's that students try to register with, and then wehave about 100 students that have exact same Cal ID which is M Pauly 69, Berkeley, I don'tknow, but apparently not with a Cal student ID, but with that. Now I can try to matchup names but the problem is people didn't use they're real name so I have no idea whoJoe blow is but they're not the class but

they're a student. So once I figure that outI will post on bSpace what you're master in biology is, if you can figure out that I willtake and tell you what the maximum is worth part is or part 2 you can go online and seewhat your scores are. Does this make senseé And with the ier there's no idea thereare students who haven't registered clickers so I have about 75 clickers that have beenclicking with no one registered to them. So I'll post another e mail to say last timeto register your ier and register for files. So you can figure out how you're doingin the 1A class by looking at the cut offs you can figure out how you need to do. Ifyou can determine you need to make up 125

points ton final that's not realistic.Because that would be like a 360, probably. It's worth only 300 so you to be realisticin your assessment on that. So, any questions a about thatéNo, okay to like with 1A the lab class, I seen on a spreadsheet I highlighted what Ithought was doable in terms of making up points in green, people asked me what about the numbersdown below there, I don't think they're really possible, so in other words, on lab exam 2you need to make up 35 points realize it's worth only 64 points you're not going to geta B and make up 35 points it's impossible, it exceeds the maximum possible number sothat's why I didn't indicate the other point

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