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Hi, welcome to The Daily Moth. This is a new ASL Radio show. Let me introduce myself. My name is Alex Abenchuchan. I'm a capital D Deaf individual Full D. Even though I know that this quot;Iquot; sign is SEE. You prefer me to sign it this wayé

I'm a Full D Deaf Individual. I have a Deaf family. I graduated from Gallaudet University I have a Deaf wife. My dog is. hearing. But he's quot;Deaf.quot; Hearing, yes, but quot;Deaf.quot; He knows how to sit with ASL commands.

So, he has a Deaf gut. I have two cats, and both of them are. are not deaf. I'm unpacking. Excuse me. No, no, I'm okay. Animals don't count. This ASL Radio show, what is thisé For a long time, I've always treasured the Deaf community. At Gallaudet, I had plenty of interaction with Deaf people, their minds and opinions, especially in the cafeteria. Oops. ASL Classifier

We've always had great conversations, with students, with professors, talking about Deaf issues. The zeitgeist, the culture, the expression, what holds the Deaf community together at that moment, time in the world. What is the Deaf community's place on Earth at any given year, month, our progress. That kind of topic is always in the air, but never recorded. There is a gap, because Gallaudet students are still kids, the professors are busy teaching. What is the hearing standard of mediaé The New York Times There are fulltime staff, reporters for each article, they don't need AP or Newswire. They have individuals for each story, flying all over the world.

Washington Post, CNN, USA Today, Drudge Report, Huffington Post There is a high standard, high expectations, even on the state and city level. The Dallas Morning News is one of the top city newspapers. There are many more standards on websites, different places. There are even news for small, hearing, unique groups, special interest groups. As for the Deaf community, whaté Nothing. There's DeafNation, which is a exposition and filled with cool stories around the world It is more of a special interest media within its own community, which is great, but it's not wholly representative of the daily zeitgeist.

As for iDeafNews, they report on what happened to Deaf people, but they don't carry that Deaf substance, that expression. Okay what elseé Deaf Newspaperé That's okay, moving on. Ricky Taylor, his blog, it's interesting for people, gossip, just like TMZ. That's his style, he's good at it, and he's been doing it for a long time. What is the Deaf substance, what is the Deaf contribution to Earth, the Deaf issuesé Who are the movers and shakers in the Deaf community at this present momenté I want to know, I look around, and nobody is doing it. I have an opportunity, I feel like it's the right time to start this ASL Radio.

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