Eye Infections

What are the signs of an eye infection

There are a lot of different causes of eyeinfections, and hence the signs and symptoms of eye infections can widely vary. It canbe as simple as conjunctivitis or “pink eye�, and it can be as severe as sightthreateninginfections such as a corneal ulcer. Eye infections can be caused by bacterial, viral or fungalagents, and it can affect any part of the eye, including inside the eye. It can be isolatedto just one eye, or it could affect both eyes. Some signs and symptoms of infection may includeredness of the eye and discharge from the eye. The discharge can be a watery, mucusyor a puslike discharge. Other signs and symptoms can include eyelash crusting, itching of theeyes, pain in the eye, light sensitivity,

eyelid swelling, eyelid tenderness, blurryvision or a feeling that something is in the eye.If you feel you have an eye infection, call your of Optometry to book an assessment.If you wear contact lenses, it is advisable to stop wearing contact lenses at first signsof infection and remain in glasses until your eye infection has healed.

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