Eye Infection Spots On Cornea

Andrew Hendershot MD Cornea and External Disease Specialist

My name is Andy Hendershot. I'm an ophthalmologisthere at the Havener Eye Institute, and I'm a cornea and external disease specialist. I interact with a wide variety of people,from CEOs to homeless individuals, people from all different countries. So it's kindof a very changing environment. I mean, daytoday, you never know what you're gonna get. It'sa different experience every day. But the ability to help and kind of give back andlook back after a career and say, these are the people that I've helped, I think is avery strong drawing point. I think a lot of patients feel refreshed whentheir physician is upfront and honest with

them and says flat out this is a bad infection,or you have a bad problem, we're going to do everything we need to do to fix that. ButI don't like to mislead patients or falsely give them false hope. When there is hope andwe have every possible piece of equipment and machinery and treatment here we can,we can help a lot of people that couldn't be helped elsewhere. But I think it's importantto be very honest and upfront with patients. And I think customizing treatment plans toa patient personality, I can have two patients that I'll see this afternoon with the sameexact problem that we'll treat differently, whether it's because they do or don't wantto have surgery or they can or can't do a

number of drops a certain amount of time,or a different surgical technique, one versus the other depending on their ability to positionor their ability to follow up or their ability to use drops. I think the most rewarding part of any ophthalmologistwork is being able to restore people's sight. We have medical students that rotate withus that obviously rotate with a whole bunch of different specialties, and on more thanone postoperative day I've had medical students with me that say, quot;This is really amazing.quot;Patients come in the day after surgery, they see better than they've seen in years or intheir entire life. They've started reading

the paper that morning or they come back aweek later and they're able to read their bibles in church, their hymnals, they canread their newspapers, they can write letters to their grandchildren again. So, restorationof sight is pretty hard to beat in terms of rewarding.

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