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Hi. I'm Nehal Patel. I'm one of the surgeonsat Gulf Coast Eye Institute. I'm a comprehensive ophthalmologist. I specialize in refractiveand cataract surgery. I'm a glaucoma as well as retina specialist as well. Today we're going to talk a little bit aboutLASIK surgery. LASIK surgery has revolutionized our ability to see, especially in individualswith severe farsightedness, as well as nearsightedness. We've had individuals who have been completelydependent on some sort of visual aid, either glasses or contact lenses. Some of these individualshave been dependent on them to the extent that it's almost like a lifeline to them.They're these individuals who are so farsighted

and so nearsighted, that without their glassesthey can't see anything. They need their glasses on their bedside, on their side table, becauseas soon as they wake up they can't even see the clock on their side table. They need theirglasses to even look at what time they woke up in the morning. That dependence is a big compromise to theirlifestyle. With our ability to somehow alter that, with our ability to give them the bestquality of vision without being dependent on glasses, is an amazing achievement. That'swhat LASIK surgery does for us. It's something that can completely change their lifestyle,their ability to function, the things that

they want to do, like to do, without havingto be dependent on their glasses or contact lenses.Your great vision may be a phone call away. Call Gulf Coast Eye Institute at 1844GULF2020today. On the web it's gulfcoast2020 .


SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES WHAT AUTOHEMOTHERAPY IS ABLE TO DO! Autohemotherapy is an immunization with our own blood! Talking to Luiz Moura. Moura uses Autohemotherapy since 1943. What is Autohemotherapyé It is a simple technique, that by with drawing blood from the vein and the immediate application in the muscle, stimulates an increase in macrophages. The standard rate of macrophages is five per cent in the blood,

and with therapy, the rate is increased to twentytwo percent. This results in a powerful immune stimulus, it multiplies the body's defenses. For this reason, autohemotherapy cures various diseases. This technique is centuriesold, and was released by the renowned physician Luiz Moura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Today he is 86 years old. He has more than 68 years of professional experience. And he still exerts his function as a medical . Moura teaches, advises, and emphasizes that autohemotherapy should always be combined with medical treatment, acting as a complementary treatment.

And should not in any way, replace conventional treatments. You can read the transcription of Moura's interview, and see the tutorials. See links in the description of this tutorial. You can see the S. H. Shakman's site. Author of the AUTOHEMOTHERAPY REFERENCE MANUAL AND HISTORICAL REVIEW. REMMEMBER THAT DR. MOURA HAS 68 years of experience with Autohemotherapy. . As I am sure that this technique is absolutely harmless, that it does not cause any harm to people,

I've never seen any problem . Many people who do not know autohemotherapy, and others that have no interest in the disclosure of therapy, for obvious reasons, saying things without the slightest knowledge of the facts. The evidence exists in thousands. You may also read the excellent results of people who did the treatment. See also, the PDF files with many documents. Autohemotherapy 38 applications in a psoriasis case. Autohemotherapy 20 applications in a psoriasis case.

Goats treated with autohemotherapy (cured in 15 days) STUDY of the UFRPE Veterinary Medicine Rural, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil. Autohemotherapy cures ovarian cyst. By Genaura Tormin. Autohemotherapy healing leg ulcer Who saw the my mother's leg can imagine how effective it is AutoHemotherapy. European Scientific Magazine REFERENCIA publishes the Brazilian cientists' Study about autohemotherapy: Telma Geovanini and Manoel Mozart Correa Norberto. Treatment of scleroderma autoimmune disease using autohemotherapy. A al study.

And see this case: Autohemotherapy. Impressive improvement in Case of lymphedema. View photos of MFS. See the photos with an interval of 11 months. See this other one: Autohemotherapy. The improvement of GENERALIZED LICHEN PLANUS. See the photos with 18 applications of AHT. You may also read the excellent results of people who had Autohemotherapy. Well, you saw with your own eyes what Autohemotherapy is able to do! Note that you don't need to believe in it or have faith, because autohemotherapy is not psychological (placebo). You can do autohemotherapy, cause it is just to draw blood from your veins, and apply in your muscles.

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