Eye Floaters Laser Treatment Australia

CuttingEdge Laser Eye Surgery at Milauskas Eye Institute

Milauskas Eye Institute Palm Springs, CA. Your choice forclear vision one of the things that we did here in the Milauskas Eye Intitute was we started the Laser Center for LASIK treatmentseye surgeryand in the recent past we upgraded our laser equipment. the first thing we did, we hadthe Intralase laser to make a flap

that's very precise, very stable made by the laser without any blade so there's no blades like in the past. Thesecond part is the the laser. We acquired a WaveLight Allegretto laser. This laser is the fastest laser available. It's so fast that the eye is not exposed as long, itdoesn't get

dry and treatments that were almost a couple minutes in length are down 2025 seconds, or some are so fast they're like three tofive to seven seconds. Incredible speed and terrific accuracy. Milauskas Eye Institute. You willsee!.

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