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How To Cure Eye Floaters

How To Cure Eye Floaters Easily, Naturally,and Forever. HowToCureEyeFloaters Eye floaters are those small spots that literallyfloat around in your field of vision and sometimes they are paired with flashes of light.How to cure eye floaters web site is dedicated to giving you the latest information and resourceson curing eye floaters easily, naturally and forever. Please click our link above to visitour site. Related Search Terms:what are floaters eye problemseye floaters

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A Celebrity Makeup Artists Approach To Conceal Dark Spots

Hi Alphas, welcome back to my channel!It's your girl Kalei and today, we are going to be talking about concealing dark circles,pigmentation, hyper pigmentation, the after math of acne. All of that!First up is to prep and correct. I'm just going to prep my skin so that way everythingis much more blendedable. I'm going to spray my face with this Rose water from MarioBadescue. The palette I'm going to be using todayis from Ulta beauty. It also comes with this concealer brush. Prefer to use the City ColorCosmetics correcting palette. But, I needed something quick until my order comes in, sothis is the palette that I'm going with.

Green is across from red in a color wheelso this is going to help combat redness. I'm applying this in circular motions and in pattingmotions onto the pimple that's a little red in that area. I'm going to use my fingerto blend it out. You want to make sure that you blend out the cream product because ifyou don't, it's going to add texture to the skin that isn't going to look good whenyou apply foundation on top. I'm taking this yellow shade with the samebrush and apply this under the eye area and yellow says that it's going to evenoutthe skin tone. You can also use a peach or salmon shade but in this palette, they didn'tprovide that so I'm just going with what

this palette has given me so yellow goes everywherepretty much. Lavender is known to brighten up the skin,so I get a little dark around my mouth area so i'm applying this around my mouth andagain, just blend everything out. Prefer to use my finger over a sponge becauseof the warmth of my finger will melt the product a little bit better and it's a lot faster.You can feel free to use a sponge if you prefer. Now, I'm taking foundation and applyingthis on top of the color correcting product. If you blended it out properly, it won'tlook heavy or cakey. It's going to look very natural and that's how you know youdid it the right way.

I'm using a damp beauty blender and workingthe foundation into my skin. Next, I'm taking a light weight concealer.You can use a heavy one too. Whatever you prefer. I'm using light concealer becauseI used color correcting products so I don't feel that I need to use a heavy concealer.But, do whatever works for you and what's best for you.I like to bring the concealer on the inner corner of the eye and sometimes on the eyelid.This is going to add a little extra brightness to the eye area and it's just a quick tipand another technique i've been learning is using less powder. I know that sounds alittle scary for my oil skin girls but, I've

been doing this and I like how noncakey mymakeup is throughout the day. I don't know about you, but usually I willpile on extra powder when I get oily. If you use a foundation that is mattifyingand do this, you'll only have to use blotting sheets and touch up with a compact in yourpurse. I'm taking a fluffy brush with pressed powderafter using setting powder and using rolling motions on a fluffy brush to set the restof my face. If you want to check out more Celebrity makeupartist approach tutorials, I'll have them linked in the description box. This is a new seriesi'm trying out and I'll also have all

the products, shades, links down there aswell! Thank you so much for taking time to watch and I'll see you in the next one!.

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