Eye Cream Causing Spots

Dark Circles Removal

We have the 15 minute nonsurgical treatment I said it was laser. Is that nonsurgicalé Anyway, it gets rid of you have the blackbags under your eyes, like they're eh, gets rid of it, 15 minutes, results, not kidding.Simon Ourian is here to show us the new laser treatment. We have a red flag warning, so a lot goingon with our weather. You look at the pretty picture, you can't really see it yet. Thewinds are gonna pick up this afternoon 40 to 50 mph. I'm excited about this next segment. Simon Ourian is here to show us the new

laser treatment to remove under eyes circlespermanently, and I'm looking at our beautiful model. That is disgusting. You are so ugly. Crosstalk Yeah, right. But if you can get in here yeah, I mean a little darker.

A little dark. A little but not a lot, but this is gonnareally change it permanently, righté This is the most fantastic treatment out therethat can really remove dark circles from under the eyes permanently. We haven't had anythinglike this before. Concealers and creams don't work. This is really the best thing.

My God, you're so gorgeous. You really are. Okay. Laughter Anyway. Okay. So what does it entailé It'sa laser. It's a laser that removes the dark circlesfrom under the eyes. As we start doing the treatment, we're gonna remove the dark circlesand the bags and the

Crosstalk Okay, 'cause I was saying earlier, bags,dark circles, two totally different things. This does both. It does both. Because of the fact that weactually are going to cause the collagen inside the skin to tighten up, and remove the toplayer of the skin that removes the discoloration.

What's the downtimeé It's only a few hours. It works very, verynicely, and she has basically it removes the dark circles very nicely. All right. Let's get started. Do you want someone who has puffy eyes andbags under their eyesé

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