Cloudy Spot On Eye Glasses

White Film on Dishes

This tutorial contains importantinformation for customers who are experiencing filming on dishes and the inside of the dishwasher. During the summer of 2010, all automaticdishwashing detergents became phosphatefree to comply with various state laws thatban the use of phosphates. Eliminating phosphates presented a majorchallenge to detergent manufacturers. Unfortunately, many of these phosphatefree detergents are not as effective and many consumers are experiencing poorwash performance as a result. If your dishes andor dishwasher showfilming or are white,

cloudy, or spotty you're likelyexperiencing this issue. Typically, this film is calciumcarbonate, which can easily be removed by using the information provided in thistutorial. In order to reduce the amount of filmingin the future, we recommend that you switch to one of the highlyrateddetergents. Tests by a leading consumer magazine hasshown that using a packet or tablet detergent rather than powder, liquid or gel may be more effective incleaning dishes and eliminating film.

If you're not usingone of these products, try switching to one of them. You shouldsee an improvement in wash performance. Remember to follow the instructions on the labeling when usingany detergent. The packet or tablet must be placed in thedetergent cup and the lid latched, just as with powder,liquid or gel detergents. If the packet or tablet is thrown intothe bottom of the dishwasher the detergent will wash out quickly andwill be wasted and the dishes will not be cleaned. Now that the issue of wash performancehas been addressed,

we will take a look at how to remove thewhite film buildup on glassware and on the dishwasher itself. The calcium carbonate easily be removedfor the citric acid based rinse. There are several commercially availableproducts that can be used to remove white film from the dishwasher. These are typically a liquid citric acid that is timereleased throughout the dishwasher cycle. Another product is Lemi Shine, which isavailable from GE or your local grocery store. Lemi Shine is a crystalline citric acid base

product that is labeled for removing film from the dishwasher and fromglassware. Follow the instructions on the label forproper use. Alternatively, you can use citric acidcrystals, also available from GE to clean thedishwasher and glassware. Follow the instructions on the label forproper use. To use citric acid crystals, fill thedetergent cap with the crystals and run a normaldishwasher cycle

Running this cycle should remain thewhite film from the dishwasher and glassware. Several citric acid cycles can be run ifthe film is not removed after just one wash. Be sure not to load any pattern dishware or metal objects, including silverware in thedishwasher when performing a citric acid rinse. As the citric acid may discolor patternsor damaged silver finish. Citric acid will not hurt the stainless steel tub. All of the products previously discussed are available at your local grocery. As mentioned, LemiShine and citric acid crystals are also available from GE.

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