Causes Of Sudden Increase In Eye Floaters

What are Floaters

What are Floatersé Floaters are small clear or dark spots withinthe jelly part of your eye called the vitreous. They can have many shapes and sizes and canlook like dust, threads, or cobwebs. Because they are INSIDE of your eyes, they drift whenyou look directly at them. They are often a result of the natural maturation of theeyes, where the jellylike vitreous becomes more liquid. If you have a floater that's bothering you,try quickly moving your eyes up and down to get them out of the way. You may have to repeatthis a few times. Floaters are most noticeable

against bright and plain backgrounds, so consideradjusting your lighting and surroundings. Most floaters are pretty annoying but notharmful, and they may shift or dissolve over time. However, sudden changes or an increasein new floaters with flashes may be a sign of more serious problems, and you should letyour optometrist know right away to schedule an eye exam. With special tools, your eye will determine if you need treatment.

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