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LeBron James Power Dip How to Basketball Moves

This episode of Shot Mechanics is broughtto you by Krossover Intelligence. Simply upload your game film and have the Krossover professionalsbreak down the plays in the game. They will even make you a highlight tape with the clipsyou chose. So to help the show click the link in the description and check them out. HiI'm Coach Collin Castellw with SHot Mechanics and this is the LeBron James Power Dip. Nowthe power dip is an awesome move that LeBron james uses all the time and has kinda perfectedit in the last couple years. It's the perfect move because not only does it give him extraseparation to get off a shot but also most of the time draws a foul on his defender.So because not only you get separation but

you also draw fouls it is perfect for defenderseven if they are bigger or smaller then you. Before we break it down for you show us alittle love with a like, comment, or subscription. everything helps our channel grow and we couldnot be more thankful. Alright so let's break down the move and be on the look out for the3 main keys that will help you execute this move. The LeBron james Power Dip is broughtto you by Krossover. the link in the description and check out more. So this movebegins as LeBron james beats his man to the basket. It works best of your defender isrunning hip to hip next to you. That way they are out of position. So the first key is thatyou want to launch off your inside foot. this

makes it look less like LeBron James is initiatingthe contact and makes it look like it is more of a foul on the defender. The next thingyou want to do is initiate the contact early. It works best if you can draw contact beforeyour defender has a chance to jump. this will catch them out of position and make it easierfor the referee to call a foul against them. So the last thing you want to do is focusthrough the contact and find your target you are aiming at. You can't go wrong with lockingyour eyes on the top corner of the square and then putting the ball softly off of it.Alright so remember there are 3 main keys to keep in mind doing this move. 1 you wantto jump off of your inside foot that way it

creates more natural power and it does notlook like your jumping into the defender as much drawing that offensive foul. Key 2 isthat you want to create that contact early. it is really important that you create thatcontact before you defensive player can get set. This is really important because it putsyour defender out of position and so when the refs need to make a call they really canonly call it on the defender. And finally key 3 you need to focus with your eyes throughcontact, find your target as soon as you possibly can and put the ball on point. You will seesometimes that guys forget to aim the ball and just kinda throw it off the backboard.So really focus through that contact, find

your target, and put it in. Alright I'm CoachCollin Castellaw and I want to thank you again for coming and watching and remember you canhelp us out by checking out Krossover at the link below or liking, sharing, and favoritingour tutorials. You can also stick around for our end slide for recommended tutorials you aregoing to love. You cats are awesome no go into Beast Mode and get some buckets!.

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