Can Eye Floaters Be A Sign Of Stroke

Signs You Are Going Blind

What are the signs you are going blindé If you can't read street signs from thedistance you used to, you may be going blind. Or need glasses. How can I tell the differenceé If things get blurrier over time, you mightbe developing cataracts, as the outer layers of the eye become like scratched up glass.Or you're becoming nearsighted and farsighted as the lenses stiffen. I've never heard of having both nearsightednessand farsightedness in one person.

What do you think bifocals and trifocals treaté I'd like to know something that is a signof actual blindness, not needing glasses. If you've had a head injury or stroke andnow have part of the field of vision turn red or dark, get to a to check theretina. And get to an eye if you have floaters. What are floatersé If you have floating spots in your field ofvision, that is a possible sign of vision problems. It is serious if you have red visionor head pain at the same time.

Or it could be a sign of old age. Blurred vision, seeing colored rainbows andred eyes are signs of glaucoma. And glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness. I thought that could be treated with surgery. Surgery can ease the pressure in the eye.And they may give you medicine to treat the blood pressure and underlying cause. Diabetes. Diabetes is not glaucoma, but the deteriorationof the blood vessels that causes so many diabetics

to lose kidney function and their feet canleave them blind, too. Yet another reason to lay off the sweets andget up and get moving. Or at least manage your blood sugar properlyin old age. But if it saves your vision, eating almostanything is worth it. I never would have thought I'd want to seeoat bran and prunes as an old person.

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