Brown Spots In Puppy Eyes

Joshies new puppies CC

Announcer: Joshie Joshie: Hey, come here Damien Junior! My dog is named after my dog Damien that lived for 17 years, passed away recently. Joshie: That's my mom's dog. Adorable one. Damien Junior, stop being hyper! laughs Moms pup. He only have one eye covered. Real adorable pup. Now, every dogs trying to get in my house! Get out!

Now, you can see closer. One eye covered. That's my mom's pup! Damn fleas. Quit Damien and Bucket. Don't eat my shoe up! Light brown named Bucket and dark is Mckalin (unclear). Hello there! One eye covered puppy! Time to box them in to keep them from running away. Joshies Mother: Ok. There goofy dog. The mother of puppies. Bell.

Geez, it's raining out. Not good day for me! Alright, I am going in. It's cold out!.

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