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Emergency Dog Health Care How to Tell if Your Dog Is Sick

Hi I'm Adrienne Mulligan of Camp VerdeVeterinary in Arizona and I'm here today to talk to you about taking vital statisticson your dog on behalf of expertvillage . There will be times when you wonder if youdog is sick or if your dog is in a emergency crisis and whether or not if you should berunning to the vet. A couple of things that I wanted to sort of debunked are myths abouthow to tell if a dog is healthy. One this is whether there nose is moist or dry andwell it may be true but if your dog has a dry nose he may be sick but, it doesn't meanthat every time his nose is dry that he is sick because his nose moisture would comeand go based on the outside humidity, on the

outside dryness. On to your tear productionon his part cause tear production if lets say if he got a runny eye because he got allergiesthat could make his nose more wet. So that is not a real reliable indicator but heartrate, temperature, and respiratory rate are all three things that are very important plusthe color of there gums. That is very important. When you call a veterinarian he may ask youto tell him if your dog has a temperature or if there gums are pale so these are thingsyou want to know how to check. When you check a dogs gums you want to lift the lips andlook at the color of his pink under his lip and above his teeth and that is a nice pinkcolor he is probably in good shape. If it

is to dark, to blue, to red, brick red, orto white, then your dog is probably in series trouble. That is the first thing to look at.The next thing is to try to check a pulse. You can just place your hand against the sideof a dogs chest and then if you feel that right behind the elbow so if you locate theelbow and press your fingers against the ribs right at the point you can feel the heartbeat. Then you can take a watch and count that heartbeat. Sit down. Sit. You could countthat heartbeat for 15 seconds and then multiply that by four. So a typical dogs heart rateis about 120 beats per minute. So I'm counting his and he is right about 120 beats per minute.Then I'm going to try to take a temperature.

You could buy these at any WalMart or anybasic drug store and you want to lubricate it. It is a good idea to use some KY jellyor some Vaseline and lubricate it and lift there tail. Insert it just barely into thereanus. It doesn't have to go very far. Turn the button on to beep and it would take abouta minute before it would beep and tell you what the temperature is.

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