Brown Spot In Eye Cat

People Change Their Eye Color For A Week

(soft instrumental music) As far as my eyes go, I feel like people don't really pay them any mind. I've never gotten anycompliments on my eyes. I always feel invisiblewith my blue eyes. I feel really clear looking. (logo whooshes)(hinge squeaks) I've totally wanted to try blue eyes.

Playing with color is always cool. Growing up in the South,like having light skin, light eyes is very celebrated so growing up, I alwayswanted to have light eyes. I'm the only one in myfamily that has blue eyes. I have six siblings. I always wanted brown eyesjust 'cause everybody else in my family has them.

Today what we're going to do is change the eye color of three different patients. Now the fitting of contactlenses, whether they be just purely for cosmetic purposes or for the correction of vision, it's still a medical deviceand one needs to be examined by an eye to be fit appropriately. I'm going to be trying blue eyes.

I'm going to be trying out green eyes. And I'm going to be trying brown eyes. So Kane, we've got both lenses in now. (Kane sighs heavily)Check it out. Kane Whoa! Oh my geez! Kuwilileni Whoa! It feels like I putsomeone's eyeball into my head.

Who am IĆ© I expected to hate this,but actually kind of love it. I feel like the reactionis going to be positive because it's such a cool thing to change. I am a little bit nervousabout wearing colored contacts 'cause I'm worried that people will think that I don't think that my own brown eyes, as they are, are beautiful enough.

I assume people willnotice that something on my face is darker. The guy who helped me putthe lenses in was like, quot;You look like a completelydifferent person.quot; I do look like the rest of my family. I feel just like augmentingone part of my body has made me feel like more beautiful. I think I'm going to become really vain,

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