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10 Ridiculous Stonehide and Stormscale Farming Spots Legion Skinning Guide

Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGoldand today I'm going to show you some amazing Legion skinning spots for Stonehide Leatherfarming and Stormscale farming. One of these is not only the best Stonehidespot right now, but it's the best skinning farm WoW has ever had. EVERYTHING I talk about in the next coupleminutes is going to be nerfed, so get to it, guys Get skinning Let's do this guide Ok, so, just so everyone's on the same page,even if you're watching this a couple years from now, Legion has currently been out fortwo weeks, and skinning already had a big

nerf, where rank three skinning went from924 leather per skin, down to 24. While it's good for long term skinning viability,it's still a massive nerf and has created a lot of searching for the best routes outthere. So, here's what you're gonna want forthis guide. Rank 3 skinning which gets you more leatherand Blood of Sargeras, Mother's Skinning Knife which let's you loot from a rangelike the lootarang, crossrealm assist or any addon that let's you server hop, andfinally a water mount, because all the best stormscale spots are in the water.

Finally, check the description and the commentsto see if any of these have been nerfed before you try them out. And you know, while you're down there, hitthe like button, that really helps me out. Now I don't like doing guides that requireyou to server hop, so first, here are two amazing spots you can do without it. For Stonehide Leather, go to The Runewoodin Stormheim, we're killing bears, deer, and birds. Here are the coordinates for where I do mykilling after I round everything up.

First spot, pull everything into the little circlewhere that elite bear is. Second, move down the path and pull all thosebears and the deer on the edge of the cliff. Next down the path there's a ledge, pullthe ones at the bottom up to the top. After that, go to the big scary talking treeand kill all the deer around it. And for all of these, if there are any birdsin the area, grab those too. Then take the path out that the tree is lookingtowards, and round everything up between him and there's a stone fence fence right there. This used to be the whole route, but thisspot has already been nerfed.

The bears hit harder and are taking a minutelonger to respawn so hang a left and round up the stuff on the path that leads back tothe flight path, there's a little ledge that you run up against. Then right next to the flight path, there'sa flock of birds. Kill those and head back to the start. Each of these 7 pulls is between 7 and 12mobs that drop 24 Stonehide Leather each and it takes me about 68 minutes to do awhole lap. For Stormscale, head to the island northwestof Stormheim.

There's occasionally a world quest therethat has you kill big scary Vrykul in the center of the island. The perimeter though is entirely beach and it's linedwith crabs the entire way. So, from the flight path, just head down towards the shore and run counter clockwise until the beach end and you'd need water walking to keep going. Nothing is in the water past that point andsince it takes you at least 5 minutes to run all the way around, you can just use your flight master whistleto instantly teleport back to the lap's start You can do this trick with the rune wood bearfarm too, but you just reverse the order of

DOCS The Girl Who Cries Blood

00:14COMM: For two years, this girl has bled from her head, hands and eyes a condition thatdefies medical understanding. 00:22GEORGE BUCHANAN: I am not aware of any medical condition that would explain this. 00:26COMM: Some say she's possessed; but could she be blessedé 00:32Now, a unique spiritual and scientific journey of discovery will try to solve the mystery.

00:38ANTIA: If we can find out an organic cause it will certainly be a landmark. 00:44COMM: Can modern science or religious ritual find a cure for The Girl Who Cries Bloodé 00:56COMM: This is Twinkle Dwivedi. 01:00In many ways she's a typical Indian teenager. 01:04When she's not praying at her local Hindu temple…

01:08…she hangs out with friends in the neighbourhood. 01:12TWINKLE: I come out to play at five… and I come back at 7 to 7:30 when the TV programmesstart. 01:23COMM: According to her sister Goldie, she's a real character. 01:29GOLDIE: Twinkle is not the kind of girl who will sit at home and study. She's not likethat. She's a tomboy she wants to play and fight.

01:50TWINKLE: I study when I feel like it. If someone asks me to study, I don't study. 01:56COMM: In a male dominated society – Twinkle gives as good as she gets. 02:04GOLDIE: She likes watching TV. She likes listening to songs. She likes playing games … she'sreally good at games… 02:12COMM: At thirteen (13), Twinkle is the youngest in the Dwivedi household.

02:19Her home is in the Northern Indian city of Lucknow. 02:22It's famed for its Muslim architecture and is often called ‘The Constantinople of India'. 02:38Twinkle's house is in a quite suburb a few miles from downtown. 02:47Her Dad works on the railways and is often away so running the home is left to Nandani– Twinkle's fortytwo (42) year old mom.

02:56Nandani juggles the responsibility of running a beauty parlour and raising her kids… andwith Twinkle… it's not easy. 03:07NANDANI: I have four daughters, the youngest is Twinkle. Three are absolutely fine butTwinkle suffers from this problem… I don't understand what I should do. 03:20COMM: For the last two years Twinkle Divewdi has reported spontaneous bleeding from hereyes, hands, head and elsewhere on ther body. 03:32NANDANI: She can start bleeding when she's

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