Black Spots In Pugs Eyes

Italian Circus Busted For Painting Chow Chow Puppies With Black Patches To Pass Them Off As Pandas

A circus was raided by police amid claimstwo puppies were painted in a bid to pass them off as pandas. Police turned up at the Orfei Circus in Brescia,Italy after a tipoff from the Animal Protection Party, who paid officers to follow up on claimsof mistreatment. On arrival, officers discovered male and femalechowchow puppies painted with black patches, seemingly to fool people into thinking theywere Chinese pandas. Italy's state forestry police said the dogswere shown to the public, particularly children, and offered up for picture opportunities inexchange for cash.

The Animal Protection Party group paid anundercover police officer to visit to the circus to gather evidence of animal mistreatment. Members said they were surprised to spot thetwo weirdlooking exotic bears. Chairman Fabrizio Catelli told Il Giorno newspaper:quot;As soon as our volunteers got closer they realised the animals had nothing to do withthe East Asian bears but were chowchow dogs painted as pandas. quot;We believe it's unacceptable to ridiculeanimals for entertainment and profit.quot; Police seized the two puppies as their dogpassports were apparently forged.

However, they have now been left in the careof the circus. The animals were generally in good healthbut suffered from excessive eyewatering, possibly due to excessive exposure to cameraflashes, police said. An investigation has now been launched intopossible mistreatment and fraud. But the Orfei circus has denied the allegations,saying they never claimed the dogs were pandas. Secretary, Riccardo Gravina told IBTimes UK:quot;It's obvious they are dogs. No animal was mistreated, they are like children to us.quot;.

Can you spot this Blackhead Extracted on the Upper Lip

It's like a little disc under there It is like a little disc Like a little coin or something I thinkPatient: Mmm hmm. Make the quot;Kissy facequot; there againé That's how we're going to hide it right in that line. And now I'm going to show you. Okay, let me just put a little Make sure I'm not hurting you, okayéPATIENT: Mmm hmm. .like I said before, OKé So we're just directing this.

I think she has a little cyst under here, but it's almost like a disc It's so tight in this area that it's, um, flattened it. But she's never been able to squeeze anything out of it, so. We'll find that for sure, make sure I'm not hurting you. You have a nice nose, a nice delicate nose. lt;gigglesgt; lt;to assistantgt; I might lean against it a little bit here and there Let me see if I can give it a little squeeze and see if it'll come out that way.

SFX: SQUIRT Oh that's it, a little (fades out) It was like a little river rock! It was like a little baby river rock! PATIENT: Let me see.DR. LEE: I'll show it to you. lt;talking with assistantgt; I don't think I need to press down. I think I need to put a gauze there. Just hold a little pressure there. I think it was maybe a calcified cyst. We'll send it for pathology and we'll find out.

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I have tons of stuff ! The stuff you guys saw that was for the Secret Santa or the White Elephant All the way down, don't forget to turn it. yeah. That wasn't even like half of it MMMMM That wasn't even like a tenth of it . It's not even a tenth of it And what I gave her. What I gave you is not even like probably half of it {giggles} I have a lot of stuff But I haven't even used that Pazzels thing. Don't you even tell my husband that. He better not even watch this tutorial and hear that But . uh.

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