Black Spots In Eyes Before Death

5 Gross Things That Happen When You Die What the Stuff

Whether you're afraid of death or not, onething every person should know is that the process of dying is physically disgusting.Now you've probably seen enough “Law and Order� episodes to know the common signsof death: a cold body, rigor mortis, scavenging insects, mottled skin and the sound of a death rattle, which I think we can do the sound effect. That's it! You can turn back now. or learn the stuff your mortician doesn't want you to know. First up, yes, you're going to lose control of your bladder and bowels. Your muscles will no longer receive energy, so they'll relax and whatever you last ate is going to slipn' slide its way out. Likewise, the brain function that keeps your urinary sphincterclosed will turn off and you'll dribble.

And as you decompose (more about that later),the buildup of gas will help push anything remaining out as well. You'll purge allkinds of fluids from your various orifices. Yeah, whatever you're thinking of. that's gonna happen! This is why some undertakers put incontinencepads on a dead body before placing it in a coffin. In fact the gas buildup is so strong,that after a few weeks its pressure can actually make a dead pregnant woman expel her fetus. And here's your morbid trivia for today:That is known as a “coffin birth.� That is a thing.

Another substance your body can producewhen you die is called “adipocere,� also known as “grave wax� or “corpse wax.� Both excellent names for a metal band. This stuff is grayish or tan and can be greasy, waxy, soapy, claylike or even the consistencyof a lumpy cottage cheese. It's made from your decomposing fat as it goes through hydrationand then dehydrogenation. This process is called “saponification� and results whena dead body is oxygenfree, warm and moist, with certain bacteria present. It's mostfrequently found on the bodies of women, infants or obese individuals.

What if you die with your eyes opené Right, somebody's probably asking. If your eyelids aren't closed when you die, the exposure can lead to a brown or black strip across the eyeball. This is known as a “tache noir,â€� or black spot. Eyeballs also deflate upon death, like a basketball with a leak in it. So some medical examinersfeel confident that by measuring the “corneal turbidityâ€� of your eyes, they can estimatewhen you died. To hide this deflation effect for an open casket, funeral homes place eyecaps over the flattened eyeball or inject tissue builder into it to fill it back up.Sometimes, embalming fluid on its own is enough to refill your eyeballs back to their normalsize.

Another weird fact about your eyes when you're dead: they no longer reflexively respond to stimulation. In fact, this is oneway examiners test to make sure your brain is dead. They hold your eyes open while injectingice water into your ear canal. The drastic temperature drop will make eyes violentlytwitch… if you're alive. It's called the oculovestibular reflex. I know this doesn'tseem as gross as all the vile substances exiting your dead orifices, but think about it. There'sa decent chance some poor is going to have to pour freezing water into your earwhile staring into your cold, lifeless eyes. While you may be dead, the bacteria that live inside you are not.

They start breaking down their host after a few days and create awful smelling gases as they devour you from the inside out This is what causes your body to bloat so those flattened eyes bulge out of their sockets, the swollen tongue protrudes and all thosefluids are forced outward. Your body will change colors as the bacteria feed: firstgreen, then purple and finally black After a week your skin's epidermal layer willseparate from the dermal layer, so anything touching it can cause it to fall off. On thehands and feet this is known as “degloving� or “stocking slippage.� It's even worseon bodies with second degree burns, or the ones that have been immersed in water fora long time. Eventually your body will swell

The Bizarre Death Of Elisa Lam

(laughing) (yelling) Alright, let's fix the camera. So today we're drivingto the Stay on Main Hotel or as it was formallyknown, the Cecil Hotel, as part of an ongoingseries where I tell this guy true crime stories andtoday, we have the privilege of actually going there because it's in LA

and this place happensto be the site of one of the most bizarremysteries I've ever read. Alright, so we're in our hotel room now, I guess it's time to tell this story Brent In a giantred chair that's shaped like a hand. (laughs) Ryan So on January 26th,2013, twentyone year old

Canadian tourist Elisa Lam checked into the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. On February 19th, eighteendays from the last time she was seen, Elisa Lam's body was found naked and floating in a fourfoot by eight foot water tank on the roof of the CecilHotel where she was staying. Brent This sounds horrible. Ryan You want toknow what it was that led

to her discoveryé Brent Uh. Ryan It was hotelguests complaining about the low water pressure from the hotel. Brent Nice. Ryan One couple afterthe fact reported that the water would come outblack before normalizing and that it had a bad taste,but didn't complain at the time

because they thoughtthat was normal for LA. Are you gonna drink the wateré No I'm not gonna drink the water. No, don't drink that, come on man. Cheers. Ryan You're a savage. Tastes clean. I mean, it has been three years.

It tastes just like water butit's too much for me to bear. I can't. Plus, there's like this weirdfucking water pipe thing going on up here. Another interesting pieceof info is from a statement from the hotel manager,and apparently when Elisa checked into the hotel, she was originally in a hostelstyle shared room, but later

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