Black Spots After Eye Injury

Top 7 Near Fatal Injuries That People Survived

7 Fatal injuries that people survived number seven in June 2006 thirtyeightyearold truman Duncan from Cleburne Texas was working at his job onthe railway he was in a process of connecting two rail cars when he slippedand ended up falling under the wheels of a moving rail car which effectively cuthim in half he lost part of his pelvis his left leg kidney any right leg frombelow before I where most people would have just passed out during his horrificaccident he managed to hang onto the train until it came to a stop and thenring 911 on his cell phone to alert the

emergency services ll it took them a further over 45 minutes to arrive and remove him from under the train during which timehe remained conscious and even rang his family was waiting to be rescued duringthis time the father of three said that he never thought he was going to die atthe surgeons spent three and a half hour saving his life and removingdirt and debris from his wounds he went on to have a further 23 operations overa fourmonth period before being released from he went on tomake a remarkable recovery and although

his wheelchair bound he returned to adesk job with the same Railway Company work for when he had a accident. Numbersix being a British soldier in is a dangerous occupation at the best times but for combat medic Lance Corporal Dean Bousfield the 2nd of July 2010 would become a lifechanging day he wasthree months into a tour of duty when out on a routine patrol he was shot inthe head by a the bullet went straight through his helmet and passright through his brain before exiting his skull above the right ear andlodging in helmet on the opposite side

which it entered he was evacuated byhelicopter to before being transferred to an American where he was operated on by an american neurosurgeon in 99.9% of caseswhere this sort of trauma to the brain the outcome is invariably fatal but for Dean Bousfield he survived but was not expected to live with sent back toEngland to died surrounded by his family however he didn't die and his recoveryhas astounded s the bullet destroyed a large part of his brainincluding the speech cortex s believed he would he would neither move nor talk but he's gone on to do both. Talking

afterwards dean said all he couldremember was firing his rifle and then waking up for weeks later in although he suffered some paralysis he has gone on to take part in a host of grueling physical challenges includingthe ride in 2014 where he hand pedaled 335 miles from Brussels in Belgium to Paris in France and in thesame year he also won a bronze medal for seated shot put at the Invictus games forwounded service personnel number five getting shot by one bullet can be fatalbut getting shot 16 times and still

living to tell the tale is more like amiracle recovery but that's what happened to Joseph Guzman as he wasleaving a bachelor party in Queens New York on November 25th 2006 Goodman saidthat he was leaving the party with two friends Trent Benefield and Sean Bellwho was actually the man who is getting married later that morning the men doingthe shooting with three plainclothes police detectives who were undercover at the party they said theywitnessed Sean Bell arguing outside the club of a driver of an SUV and theyoverheard Goodman saying he was going to

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