Black Spot In Horses Eye

A Guy Watches His Own Surgery

By the way your eyes were open for the beginning of the surgery. I wanted to watch. Patients don't normally fall asleep with their totally eyes open like that. And he's totally on camera. (calm music) Today we're going to the surgical center

to put the robot in my belly. We have to be there at 6:30 so we had to wake up at 5:30. It's raining. Fuck that. How do you feelé Tired, nervous. I don't want a robot inside of you.

It's weird. It's gonna be good. The robot. It's so good at what he does. When you're a baby in the womb and you're a boy your testicles fall through these little tracks from inside your bodyto outside your body.

There's some dudes somethingwith the abdominal wall in those tracks aren't very strong and over time they can weaken and you can get a hernia through those inguinal, I believe isthe medical term, tracks. Basically my intestines are poking through my pelvic muscles. I just live with adiscomfort of a pain level

around two or three all the time. Like it always just kinda hurts. It kinda just feels likesomeone's just poking you. And then occasionally it just feels like someone is just wrenching my insides for like five minutesand then it goes away. So what happens is sometimes it gets so dislodgedthat I have to lay down

to like set it back into my body. So I told my about this. He looked at it and was like yeah that's a hernia. I'll send you to a hernia specialist. I've neglected to tell my parents yet. I don't like to worry people. There's nothing thatanyone can actually do

Learning to Draw How to Draw a Horse Fine ArtTips

Hello, and welcome to another tutorial Tuesday! I am Leonardo Pereznieto andI am so happy to see you again. Today I'll draw a horse for you. I begin by practicing the line that I want to do. Then I sketch an organic form similar to a peanut. This is how I start drawing a horse, if it is in profile. Then I gently mark where the head is going to get up to,and also the sides of the neck. This is very light and maybe it can't be seen very well.

I sketch the muscles which for right nowwill have a very simplified triangular shape. I continue by now giving some form to the neck. I do the legs with straight lines. The hoof goes about here. And now the hind legs. I will speed this out otherwisesome of my students may fall asleep and i will get distracted with the snoring. I do the shape of the head, and the features.

This peanut is a little bit long, i'll make it shorter. The tail. I begin shading. I'm using a couple of pictures as reference, but I want the muscles and bonesto show in my drawing, so it looks more rich and more realistic but as I can't see those in the picture, I am also using a horse anatomy diagram.

I hope that with all of this, i can get a good result. Here for example I draw some muscles. I lightly suggests the ribs. And I continue in this way,shading while doing the form and the details. There some other bones thatone may see, like the knee. I reinforce some shadows and thenput some reflexions with the eraser. Very well. I hope at no time I woke upthose who have fallen asleep, but mostly I hope that it was helpfulfor those who manage to stay awake.

In the comments I would love to knowwhat do you think about it. If you enjoyed it please give it a likeand subscribe to my channel, you know where to follow me, the linksare below and see you next Tuesday.

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